The Prohibited Burning Period for the Shire has been extended by two weeks and will aply until midnight, Tuesday 28 March 2023. No fires can be lit in open air. More information here

Weed management by the Shire

The Shire of Augusta Margaret River implements an integrated weed management approach for the control of weeds around the shire that pose a risk to biodiversity, infrastructure or public safety. This involves using a combination of several weed management techniques, such as physical control, chemical control and biological control. The advantage of using an integrated weed management approach is that there is flexibility in determining appropriate control strategies for different areas by considering economical, ecological and human health factors.

It is recognised that there may be concern in the local community and from visitors alike about the use of chemical herbicides, particularly in public and residential areas. The Shire aims to evaluate the use of chemicals for weed control by using alternative weed control methods where feasible, including biological control, natural weed control by planting endemic species, mulching, fire, steam, slashing and manual removal. 

This Integrated Weed Management Plan provides guidance on the effective and efficient control of weeds on Shire-managed land based on an integrated approach using a range of appropriate prevention and control methods.

No spraying requests

The Shire is unable to commit to “no spraying on verge” requests;  however, we aim to minimise herbicide use where practical. 

By frequently undertaking weed management on your verge in front of property, and keeping the verge well maintained as well as free of any environmental weeds, residents can actively assist the Shire and alleviate the need to spray the verge. This  will assist the Shire in reducing the application of herbicide in front of your property.

Organic farms

Organic farms are responsible for maintaining any required no spray buffers within their private property boundaries.

More information and contact

For advice on weed management, please contact the Shire’s Landcare Officers on (08) 9780 5252.   

For information on road maintenance issues or advice on landscaping your verge, please email [email protected]

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