About the Committee

The Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC) provides advice to Council on strategic policy direction, with the aim of achieving sustainability outcomes that are environmentally responsible, socially and culturally sound and economically viable. 

The Committee is made up of two Councillors, up to eight community members, and Shire staff with an interest and expertise in sustainability.

Priority areas

The Committee provides advice on all environmental and sustainability matters, including:

  • Climate Action: Reducing emissions to meet the net-zero 2030 target and climate adaptation planning
  • Energy: Promoting the use of renewable energy sources and minimising the use of polluting and non-renewable energy sources 
  • Water harvesting and recycling: Improving water use efficiency 
  • Waste: Promoting more efficient use of resources to reduce waste sent to landfill
  • Building design: Developing and implementing environmentally-sustainable building design guidelines that promote minimisation of energy and water consumption and recycling
  • Urban development: Developing and implementing subdivision and urban design guidelines to achieve towns, neighbourhoods, individual developments and buildings that create vibrant, healthy, happy, adaptable and sustainable communities
  • Biodiversity: Protecting and maintaining the rich biodiversity of the Shire through the development of appropriate environmental management strategies
  • Community engagement: Facilitating positive behaviour change in residents and visitors through effective communication and education.

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