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The Draft Climate Action Plan lays out the actions to be undertaken by the shire over the next 10 years to meet our emissions reduction targets.

Have your say on the Draft Climate Action Plan by visiting the YourSay page at by Sunday 1st March.  Hard copies are available for viewing from the Augusta and Margaret River Shire Offices.  For more information please contact Katie on

Happy New Year to everyone from all the crew at the Works Depot.  Well everything is back into swing around here, so we thought we'd update you with things like new jetties, kerbing, garden facelifts, track upgrades, road and drainage works.

Albany Terrace, Augusta

At the end of last year the Shire was carrying out works including asphalt overlay and new flush kerbing from the Colour Patch to Deere Street on Albany Terrace, Augusta.  This allows for much better driving conditions along with neatened road edges which helps with debris being flicked up  along with giving the appearance a much better look.

Also, we've carried out flush kerbing along Blackwood Avenue and Albany Terrace intersection down to the Blackwood River frontage.  Take a look at the finished product below (Colour Patch to Deere St then Blackwood Ave to Blackwood River frontage).  Safe and happy travels.

Flush kerb and asphalt on Albany Tce viewAsphalt and flush kerbing view along Albany Terrace to Deere Street intersection





Flush kerbing view at Blackwood River frontageView along Albany Terrace towards Blackwood Avenue intersection









Ellis Street Jetty upgrades

If you haven't take a trip down to Augusta for a while with your boat or fishing gear, then it's a must.  Wait until you see the new jetties that have been installed.  The larger of the 3 jetties which is owned by the Department of Transport, had a total face-lift as you will see in the pictures below.  Then the middle jetty is a new "floating" jetty funded and installed by the Shire.  All upgrades of these jetties was required due to the age and safety.  Take a visit to Ellis St and enjoy a little fishing or boating, this really is a great improvement at this wonderful location.

Large Ellis St jetty view from shore to riverLarge Ellis Street jetty view from river to shore




Ellis St Floating Jetty view looking northEllis St floating jetty from the shore out to river view










Augusta Pharmacy Accessibility Parking

Out the front of the Augusta Pharmacy you will notice an upgrade to the parking facilities.  There is now a fully functional accessible parking bay.  This has already made parking much easier and more accessible for anyone visiting the pharmacy.  

Accessible Parking Augusta close up viewAugusta Pharmacy accessible parking long view







Margaret River Recreation Centre garden upgrade

Our Parks & Gardens crew have given the Rec Centre a bit of a "freshen-up" as you can see by the pictures below.  The first photograph shows you the before gardens and then the after shots, a great improvement that's for sure.  Next time your walking into the gym or just taking a stroll, take a few minutes to enjoy the new surrounds.

Recreation Centre gardens before photoRecreation Centre upgraded garden view









Another view of recreation centre gardenFinal view of recreation centre garden












Brookfield and Parkwater Oval

To ensure our pathways and sporting ovals are clear of debris, overgrown areas and smooth playing fields, the Parks and Gardens crew carryout regular maintenance of whipper snipping and mowing.  One of our crew members took a few photos to show you how its all done.  The first 2 photos are of Brookfield pathways being whipper snipped and then Parkwater Oval mowing.

Brookfield path whipper snipping photoBrookfield whipper snipping along walkway









Parkwater Oval mowed












Wadandi Walk Trail upgrade

Works have commenced on the Wadandi Walk trail.  The location of these upgrades to improve the surface area of the track is from Augusta Airstrip through to Leeuwin Road.  We have some before and after photos below for you to view.

Before clearing and pruning took place on Wadandi Walk Trail AugustaAfter surface improvements of Wadandi Track







Rosa Brook Road

Here is an update of works being carried out on Rosa Brook Road that commenced last year.  These works are being funded by Regional Road Groups (Main Roads) and the Shire.  Here we show you the excavation of road fail sections and the preparation with fabric for compaction and then a view of this section after it has been sealed.  

View of the preparation of fail section of road area on Rosa BrookSealed section of Rosa Brook Rd









Town View Terrace (heading south from Post Office)

Currently there are works being cried out in Town View Terrace - drainage corrections.  During these works there is full access to the doctors surgery, dentist and child care facility.  Once the drainage works has been completed, then the kerbing will be all replaced and the road will be asphalted.  

Town View Terrace drainage works commenceDrainage works on Town View Terrace continue







Leeuwin walk track to the lighthouse

The Shire are carrying out works on the Leeuwin walk trail to the lighthouse.  Here is a view from the Marina towards the lighthouse that has been completed.

Leeuwin walk trail to light house, view from the marina






Works fun facts - did you know?

What the actual distance is of Wallcliffe Road and where it ends?

So you don't have to keep guessing or checking your odometer every time you drive this road, we can put your mind at ease - the total distance of Wallcliffe Road is 11.4km and it ends at the intersection of Grunters Way and Gas Bay Road.  There settled for you all!

What is road traffic management?

Well its all about managing the road network.

The requirements of road traffic management promotes safe and consistent traffic management practice for work sites on roads in accordance with state legislation and national standards.

These standards include suitably qualified personnel who are responsible for managing traffic on work sites and they are all required to hold the qualification which is relevant to the specific task in traffic management.

Traffic management is not just important throughout road works, it is also important during “Events”.

During roadworks and events here in the Shire, qualified employees or the Shire’s preferred supplier will be engaged for traffic management.

During traffic management, the aim is to minimize disruption and inconvenience to all road users whilst road works are being carried out and ensuring the safety for all users of the road works or events.  Following codes of practice and any legislative standards at all times.

Its also seen as one of the most important roles in road works of any kind, so remember next time you come along to some road works and you are directed by the traffic controller – give the operator a friendly wave, it’s a thankless job and this gives them a smile and a thanks all in one for keeping us all safe. 

Remember, always drive to the conditions of a road, take note of speed zones in all traffic management areas (so please don't speed through traffic management areas), and keep our roads and people safe.   

Catch up with you all again next month, from the Works Crew

In accordance with the Local Government Act – Section 3.50 (1a, 4), The Shire gives notice of the following partial and full road closures:

Town View Terrace - south bound lane (partial closure)

The Shire will be carrying out excavation works for drainage to be corrected on Town View Terrace. Works will commence Monday 13 January 2020 and are envisaged to take two weeks (weather permitting).

Full traffic management plan will be in place, where the south bound lane will be closed for exiting traffic.  During these works, please find an alternative route and an alternative parking location.

The car park entrances will be accessible for the dentist, doctors and the child care centre.  Pedestrians will be redirected also.

Once the drainage works are completed, kerbing and asphalting (reinstatement works) will take place.  The Shire appreciates your patience during these works.

Should you have any questions relating to these works, please contact our Leading Hand, Drainage, Mr Phil Lantzke, on 0437 516 338.  

In accordance with the Local Government Act – Section 3.50 (1a, 4), The Shire gives notice of the following partial and full road closures.

Bussell Highway – at the intersections of Wallcliffe Road and Forrest Road, Margaret River.
Bussell Highway – at the intersections of Tunbridge Street and Churchill Avenue, Margaret River.

Both closures are for the purpose of constructing roundabouts.

Full and partial closures will occur from 1 February 2020 to 30 May 2020.

Detours and traffic management will be in place at all times during this period. Please follow the directions of traffic management personnel and follow the directional detour signage at all times.

Any persons wishing to make a submission about this matter should contact the Shire via email on

All other enquires can be made by contacting Peter Brown, Project Manager – Main Street Redevelopment Project by email  or phone 08 9780 5641 or 0481 460 578.

The Shire will seek to minimise the impact of the construction works and apologises in advance for the inconvenience caused by the works.

Road closure Bussell Highway – at the intersections of Wallcliffe Road and Forrest Road, Margaret River.

Road Closure Bussell Highway – at the intersections of Tunbridge Street and Churchill Avenue, Margaret River.




The next Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held at 5.30pm on Wednesday 22 January 2020 in Council Chambers, 41 Wallcliffe Road, Margaret River.  Items which may be considered at the meeting include*:


  • Councillor Information Sessions 23 October to 11 December 2019
  • Monthly Financial Report – November 2019
  • List of Payments – November 2019
  • General Electors Meeting Minutes – 11 December 2019
  • Planning Application P219590 for Proposed Holiday House, 163 (Lot 1) Treeton Road North, Cowaramup
  • Authorisation to Execute a Document by Common Seal - Turner Street Jetty License
  • Minutes of Audit and Risk Management Committee Meeting held 26 June 2019


The following agenda briefing sessions will be held prior to the meeting, all members of the public are welcome to attend.

1.30 – 2.00pm - Proposed Group Dwellings - Townview Terrace

2.00 – 2.30pm - Wallcliffe House Scheme Amendment

2.30 – 3.00pm – Short Stay Accommodation

3.30 – 4.00pm - Review of Infrastructure Policies


For further information and requests for deputations, please visit or contact Governance Officer / Council Support, Claire Schiller, on (08) 9780 5205 or email


*This list is subject to change. A final list of agenda items and briefings will be available on the Shire’s website from 6pm Friday 10 January 2020.

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