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The jetty and boat ramp will remain closed due to unsafe mooring conditions resulting from the finger jetty being structurally unsound.

What’s wrong with the jetty?
Jetty piles supporting the walkway are showing extreme levels of corrosion. It is therefore not possible to moor vessels or to allow weight on the jetty. This is making launching and landing of boats too risky for recreational water users. Your patience is appreciated – safety comes first.
When will it be fixed?
Contractors have been engaged and are keen to attend to the repairs as a matter of priority, with the view of reopening the jetty and boat ramp in due course. Extraordinary and consistently high swell conditions have prevented timely completion of the work during the shoulder season. As soon as weather conditions permit, the contractor will remobilise, possibly before the end of September. 
How did damage to the jetty piles happen?
The unforeseen, rapid loss of pile material in this area is a result of high turbulence created by wave actions,  fostering an oxygen rich environment accelerating corrosion. Further, abrasion by sand particles removes rust as it forms and exposes bare steel, which then corrodes more rapidly.


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