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The crew at the depot are now well into the works program for the rest of this financial year.  We would like to share some photos of the works we have done and of course, a few fun facts at the end.  We hope you enjoy, from the Shire Works Depot crew.


For all our Cowaramup residents, you must now go out and enjoy the upgrade of the Cowaramup Skate Park.  We have upgraded the barbeque facilities, seating arrangements, pathways, surface areas, shelters, and tree planting.  Then still to come is turf replacement, more trees, reticulation, drink fountain, park bench seating, decorative screening, footpath improvements.  Great place for all the family, so go on, head out for a great day.

Cowaramup Skate Park works startingMulch and path works at Cowaramup Skate Park

Tree planting at Cowaramup Skate Park

Cowaramup Skate Park pathway upgradeCowaramup Skate Park upgraded shelters and barbeque with accessible seatingCowaramup Skate Park shelters and new accessible seating


















Some may wonder why you would need to survey a gravel pit. It's so we know the volume of the pit, for costings and carting purposes.  That is what's going on in this photo, our surveying crew are doing just that!

Gravel pit volume survey








If you have not been down to Augusta for a while, the Shire has recently commenced works on the reconstruction of Leeuwin Road.  This includes drainage works and widening of the road.  Drainage crew are usually the first to dig the road up to ensure we get the correct water flow underneath, so here is just a few great shots of what it looks like.  You have to admit, not an awful place to be working.

Leeuwin Road old drainage pipes removed, view northLeeuwin Rd view south






New drainage pipes in, mat down starting to place rocks back Leeuwin RoadRocks compacted around new drain pipes Leeuwin Road








We want to make sure that our entrances are kept neat and tidy so the Parks & Gardens crew recentlycarried out some pruning.  This included areas around the rear of the building and rocks were removed and new mulch applied to garden areas.

Pruning and mulching at rear of Shire offices, Margaret River












The Shire has recently completed the sealing of the road to the gate as part of a works request sent in by St John Ambulance.  The request was asking the Shire to continue the sealed road to the gate of the Margaret River airstrip for better access to the RFDS transfer station.  These works have now been completed, and as you will see from the pictures below the sealing process and finished product (pictures from left to right show commencing seal, close up of sealing process, applying stone, stone spread and finished).  

Commencing "continued seal" to gate of Margaret River Airstrip entranceSeal being applied on the Margaret River Air Strip road entrance









Applying rock to seal on Margaret River Airstrip roadSeal and rock laid out on Margaret River airstrip entrance road










Seal done on Margaret River airstrip entrance roadFinished the entrance to Margaret River Airstrip gate for RFDS













Works have now been completed by the drainage crew on Town View Terrace, as the asphalting as seen below.  Surface area is looking much better!  Kerbing still to come!

Town View Terrace asphalt processTown View Terrace more asphalt views







ELLEN PLACE WALKWAY (off Connelly Road)

Hidden beneath bushes and overhanging branches, the Parks & Gardens crew had a works request to clean up this area recently, so here is what the walkway actually looks like after its been cleared.  Enjoy the new cleared walkway.

Ellen Place walkway before clearingEllen Place walkway after clearing












The aeration is achieved by the use of a small tractor and an implement called a Vertidrain, which penetrates the soil surface and removes a small amount of soil.

This is then spread out later with a drag mat, which breaks up the soil cores and rubs them back into the surface, with the final appearance of a light top dressing.  Anything left behind following this is usually chopped up and discharged by the mowers

The aim of the exercise is to open up the soil, allow for better oxygen and moisture penetration and to reduce soil compaction.  This stimulates better and stronger turf growth, by activating soil life, which in turn makes nutrients and minerals more available.

Drainage is vastly improved, particularly in the winter months.  This operation is generally carried out in spring and autumn.  These pictures show you what it looks like in the process (taken on Lower Western Playing Fields). (1st picture on left shows commencing aeration, 2nd picture on the right shows aeration the full length of the oval and 3rd picture shows aeration process close-up).

Commence turf aeration on Lower Western OvalLower Western Oval aerated





Close up of aeration process








February Fun Fact Time

Do you know what Antipode means?   It is the point exactly on the other side of the world from where you are standing.

Therefore, if you were standing in Perth (city) the antipodal point would be George Town, Bermuda

Annual Playground Inspections

The Shire’s commitment to Safety is at the forefront of our operations and one of those areas includes our playgrounds and their equipment. 

The Shire’s Parks & Garden’s crew have a nationally accredited playground inspection officer trained as Level 2 Operational Inspections of Children’s Playgrounds (conduction of visual and operational inspections of park facilities). 

These inspections are carried out every 3 months to identify any hazards that may be a result from wear and tear, vandalism or weather conditions (visual inspection).  In addition, the inspection involves assessing the functionality of the playground equipment (operational inspection).

In addition to the quarterly inspections, the Shire engages a Nationally Accredited Playground Auditor (KidSafe WA) to carry out the major annual playground inspections. 

Reports are completed for all quarterly and annual inspections and any issues addressed in the correct manner. 

So when your children are using any of your facilities, and if you happen to notice something you think may not be safe or needs looking at, just email the shire for a works request to: line Playground Equipment.  



Road Closure Notice - Leeuwin Road from 24 - 28 February

In accordance with section 3.50 of the Local Government Act 1995, Part 3 (functions of Local Governments – Closing certain thoroughfares to vehicles), the Shire of Augusta Margaret River will be closing a section of Leeuwin Road to remove a portion granite rock.

Works to upgrade and widen Leeuwin Road commenced Monday 4 February 2020. In widening the road, construction teams have uncovered large sections of granite rock that will need to be removed with a 35 tonne excavator. Closing the road is our best option to ensure public safety and minimise delays in delivering the project.

We are anticipating to close the road for four days (weather permitting) from 24-28 February 2020.

During this period, the portion of Leeuwin Rd will be closed to all traffic.  Traffic will be diverted around the job site using Skippy Rock Road (see map below).  Traffic management will be in place and people are asked to follow directional signage.  Skippy Road is a gravel road, please drive to the conditions. Visual Message Sign boards will inform drivers of the closure dates and let people know Augusta Boat Harbour remains open.

The Shire would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding of this unforeseen circumstance and if you wish to discuss this matter further, please contact the Shire’s Coordinator Works, Peter Brophy on 0427 903 153

Diversion map below.

Ref: P219536, LND/1/61

Notice is hereby given that the local government of the Shire of Augusta Margaret River has prepared the abovementioned Scheme Amendment and Associated Structure Plan for the purpose of:

Allowing subdivision to a minimum lot size of 1 hectare where consistent with an approved structure plan. The proposed Structure Plan proposes the creation of six additional lots (eight in total) ranging from 1-5 hectares in area.

Plans and documents setting out and explaining the Scheme Amendment and Associated Structure Plan can be found at the following link:  Scheme Amendment 61 and Associated Structure Plan extracts. However, if you wish to view all plans and documents, copies are available for inspection at the Shire Administration Office during office hours up to and including 26 March 2020.

Submissions on the Scheme Amendment and Associated Structure Plan may be made in writing on Form No. 4 and lodged with the Shire on or before 26 March 2020.

This Amendment is available for inspection in order to provide an opportunity for public comment and it should not be construed that final approval will be granted.


Stephanie Addison-Brown

Chief Executive Officer

The Shire will be carrying out landscape improvements along Wallcliffe Road, outside the Shire offices.  These works are going to commence the week of 17 February, for approximately a week (weather permitting).

Works will include laying new turf, replacing some plant species in the garden beds and mulch, near the school crossing.  Upgrading these garden beds will help link the planting that has occurred at the Youth Precinct along to the HEART building and improve the appearance at the entry point of the Shire offices.

During this time, there will be no restrictions to anyone accessing the Shire offices at any time.  Traffic management will not be required and no work will be conducted during the times when the school crossing is operating.

If you have any questions relating to these works, please contact the Shire's Acting Manager Works, Grant Kirby, 0448 127 281



The next Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held at 5.30pm on Wednesday 26 February 2020 in Council Chambers, 41 Wallcliffe Road, Margaret River.  Items which may be considered at the meeting include*:


  • Sport and Recreation Reference Group Minutes
  • 2019-20 Mid-year Budget Review
  • Scheme Amendment for initiation – Wallcliffe House
  • Basic Scheme amendment for Approval – Amendment 66 – Darch Road, Margaret River
  • Basis Amendment to LPS1 – Amendment 66
  • Infrastructure Policies – for public advertising


All members of the public are welcome to attend.


For further information and requests for deputations, please visit or contact Governance Officer / Council Support, Claire Schiller on (08) 9780 5205 or email


*This list is subject to change. A final list of agenda items and briefings will be available on the Shire’s website from 6pm Friday 14 February 2020.

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