Burning leaf litter and ground-level fuels like small sticks and twigs is an effective way of managing fire hazards on your property.

Burn offs and prescribed burns 

After an effective burn off, less fuel exists, and this reduces the risk posed by any wildfire that may impact your property.

Local Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades carry out hazard reduction burns throughout the year and assist the Shire of Augusta Margaret River Fire Control Officers, who carry out burns on Shire-managed land and reserves.

All Shire of Augusta Margaret River, DFES and Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions burn offs and prescribed burns (both hazard reduction burns) are listed on the Emergency WA website. Information on planned burns may also be listed on this website and on the Facebook page of the relevant bush fire brigade.

View current Burn-Offs and Prescribed Burns 

Important note: Sometimes, you may not be informed of a hazard reduction burn in your area. If you see smoke or an unattended fire, are uncertain of the cause and cannot find any information from the sources listed above, telephone 000 and report the fire so that appropriate action can be taken.

Hazard reduction burns on your property 

If you would like help in carrying out a hazard reduction burn on your property, try contacting your Local Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade to see if they have the capacity to assist. 

Permit to Burn 

A Permit to Burn usually requires the Permit holder to inform their nearest neighbours that they are going to carry out a burn. For brigade-conducted burns, they will either door knock or letter drop a notification.

Find out more about a Permit to Burn.

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