The Shire recognises that young people are important and valued members of the community and actively seeks youth perspectives and opinions across all Shire services and programs.  We aim to take a targeted approach through the Strengthing Youth Plan 2018-22 in implementing best practice youth related events and initiatives.


The Shire of Augusta Margaret River has started a youth development project for young people called RISE (Resilient Innovative Skilled Employed), with the first of many free workshops, events and skills development opportunities set to start in April 2021. 

To find out more about RISE please click here

Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

The Shire has been engaging local youth through a Youth Advisory Council (YAC) model since 1993. The purpose of YAC is to provide a space for young people to have a say in issues that impact them, as well as help coordinate activities and programs for young people following an Asset Based Community Development model.

What have YAC been up to?

Recently YAC have completed some amazing things!
We now have a mailling list! To stay in the know with YAC, subscribe here.
Read the AMR YOUTH magazine (May) purely created by YAC below! 


To stay in the loop of YAC activities, follow us on Instagram or Facebook. If you've got an idea for YAC, please contact the Community Development Trainee on [email protected].


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‚ÄčCommunity Development Trainee

Since its inception in 2003, the annual Community Development Trainee has been a strength for all youth in Shire. The 12 month scholarship is awarded each calendar year to an outstanding locally based Year 12 graduating student. Candidates should have an interest in community development, with intentions to progress onto tertiary studies, and who is willing to undertake gap year employment with the Shire.

Previous participants of the program are Naomi Godden (2003), Roxanne Moore (2004), Simon O’Leary (2005), Keely Robertson (2006), Natasha Dixon (2007), Moana Lutton (2008), Connor McLeod (2009), Amy Burgess (2010),  Ella Sleegers(2012), Jake Graebener-Bond (2013),  Emma Godridge (2014), Molly Ryan (2015), Georgina Wilkie (2016), Callum Noone (2017), Ladriel Hackett (2018), Kate Mann (2019), Hope Sortras (2020) and the 2021 Trainee is Shannon Walker.

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