Community preparedness

The majority of our Shire is declared bushfire prone. Prepare yourself, your family and your home for bushfire.

Changes to Bushfire Warnings

















5 things you can do to prepare

Becoming more prepared in case of an emergency is easier than you might think. Whether it’s your home, your neighbourhood, your place of business, or your school, you can take a few simple steps to prepare your community.

  1. Plan what you will do if there is a fire
    Have a 5 minute fire chat with your family, friends and/or neighbours to discuss what you will do in the event of a bushfire. When will you know to leave? Where will you go? Which way will you go?
  2. Know about the Emergency WA website
    The Emergency WA website shows you real time information about fires across the State. If you see smoke or want to know if there is a fire near you visit (Handy tip, save this as a favourite on your web browser at home or on your phone.)
  3. Maintain your property and protect your house
    By law, all land owners/occupiers need to carry out fire prevention work. 
    To protect your house, you need to maintain an Asset Protection Zone (APZ) all year round regardless of your property size. This is the 20-metre distance surrounding your home. Some properties also require firebreaks. Find out what you need to do by reading the annual Firebreak Notice.
  4. Get some face-to-face advice
    Local Bushfire Ready Facilitators are available to help give you pointers on ways to prepare your property and develop an emergency plan. They can also attend a local community street meet or gathering to help your neighbourhood prepare.
    For areas north of Witchcliffe contact Gordon on 0419 954 658
    For areas south of Witchcliffe contact Georgina on 0417 998 461
  5. Know about Restricted Burning Periods
    Before you consider lighting a campfire, firing up your BBQ or Pizza Oven, or burning garden leaf litter, check the fire danger rating AND whether restrictions are in place.
    More info can be found here

Asset Protection Zone (APZ)

Asset Protection Zone (APZ) means the area of land within 20 metres from the external walls of any habitable building. The fuel loading (flammable material) in the APZ is to be reduced and maintained to less than two (2) tonnes per hectare. Trees must not be closer than two (2) metres to a building, and trees must not overhang a building within four (4) metres of the external roof.

APZ requirements apply to all properties (excluding vacant lots), regardless of size, and must be maintained all year round. If your property is subject to an approved Fire Management Plan, and there is a discrepancy between the Fire Management Plan and this Notice, the Fire Management Plan is to apply.

Standards for a Compliant Asset Protection Zone (APZ)

If you have difficulty achieving requirements you can submit a Variation to the Firebreak Notice.

Help during an emergency

The Shire is serviced by dedicated, well-trained emergency service volunteers, Bush Fire Brigades, volunteer Fire and Rescue Service and State Emergency Services.  These groups are supported by the Shire and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).  The volunteer St John Ambulance Service, as well as numerous other community groups, also service our shire. 

They all do an incredible job of keeping us safe, but they can't do it alone.  We all have an individual responsibility to be prepared and in doing so, we contribute to the safety and security of our community.

To report an emergency call 000

Prescribed Burning

To mitigate the severity of bushfires and help protect lives and property, the Shire carries out several prescribed burns each year.

The following planned prescribed burns are scheduled for Spring 2021 and Autumn 2022.

Location Location Map Tenure Managed By
Alexandra Bridge Campground


LG, Volunteers
Augusta                         Blackwood Ave/Osnaburg St                                            Reserve
LG, Volunteers
Augusta Leeuwin Rd/Osnaburg St/York St Reserve
LG, Volunteers
Cowaramup Garstone Rd/Burnside Rd (Rails to Trails) Reserve
LG, Volunteers
Cowaramup Granny James Pl/Bottrill St Reserve

LG, Volunteers


East Augusta Pericles St/Davies St Reserve
LG, Volunteers
Margaret River Kevill Rd Reserve
LG, Volunteers
Margaret River Roxburgh Rd (Pony Club) Reserve
LG, Volunteers
Margaret River Barrett St Reserve
LG, Volunteers
Margaret River Mann St


LG, Volunteers
Margaret River Rails to Trails South (behind the Lifestyle Village)


LG, Volunteers
Margaret River

Boodjidup Rd/Bussell Hwy/Burton Rd (LIA)

LG, Volunteers
Margaret River

Carters Rd/Railway Tce/Bussell Hwy


DFES, LG, Volunteers

Partially Completed

Molloy Island Hale Ave/Sabina Dr


LG, Volunteers
Rosa Glen Boronia Rd/Wallis Rd (Big Valley) Reserve

LG, Volunteers


Hazard Reduction Burns are planned by the land managers, are indicative plans only and are subject to change.

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For contact details for fire, police, bushfire brigades, hospitals, storm damage, power outages, etc please see the emergency contact page

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