Roads, drainage and footpaths


Parking is available on streets and within various carparks throughout the Shire.

There are various parking options within the Margaret River town centre to provide easy access to commercial and retail facilities.

The Shire has Local Laws relating to Parking and Parking Facilities to ensure all motorists park safely and that parking for everyone is fair.

To provide a safe parking environment the Rangers actively patrol the Town to ensure all residents and visitors comply with the Town's Parking Local Laws. The Rangers monitor footpaths, verges, ACROD bays and schools.

To protect the safety of school children Rangers regularly check around schools to ensure cars are parked sensibly.

Although the issuing of Parking Infringement Notices is not popular, sometimes it is the only way of ensuring compliance with the restrictions. A high priority for Rangers is the regular patrolling of special parking bays set aside for disabled persons, which can be misused by able-bodied drivers.

Motorists are advised to observe traffic restrictions and parking notices. Infringement Notices will be issued to offending motorists.

Road naming

To ensure that there are adequate new names to service the needs of new subdivisional roads and any name changes, we maintain an ongoing list of appropriate names to be used for allocation to public places, reserves, roads and streets.

The lists comprises names already registered with Landgate on the approved names register and of names submitted by Council for inclusion on the register.  It contains names of rare and/or endangered species and trees, shrubs and plants indigenous to the area, and pioneers of the area.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for the naming or renaming of a locality, new subdivision, street, park or reserve please download the Naming of Roads, Streets, Parks and Reserves policy available under Publications for further information on the process.

Rural street numbering

Rural street numbering has been implemented within the Shire in accordance with a national model. The objective is to provide a uniform address to every rural and semi-rural property to make it easy to find a property, particularly in the event of an emergency.

Property numbers are based on the distance of the entrance to a property from the start of a road. Odd numbers are on the left and even numbers on the right.  For example, the number 1902 refers to a property on the right side of a road that is 19.02 km from the road’s beginning. Number 325 is 3.25 km from the road’s beginning on the left side.

If you would like more information on how to obtain a number for your property please contact the Revenue Team.

Directional signs

The Control of Signs and Advertising policy is to provide the travelling public, including visitors and tourists, with clear and uniform roadside information that gives directions to recognised tourist attractions and tourist service facilities, while minimising the number of signs and avoiding direct advertising.

To be eligible for approval of a directional sign, the attraction or service facility must be approved by the Shire for the use as indicated on the proposed sign.  Application must be made on the Directional sign application form.  Businesses located within the Central Business District have the opportunity to advertise on Council's 4 Pedestrian Information Boards located within the town.  Each sign is subject to an annual fee which is set in Council's Fees and Charges.  

Download the Advertising Devices policy from the Publications section.

A Frame Portable Signage

Businesses have the opportunity to display an A Frame portable sign directly outside their business.  Changes to Council's Local Planning Scheme gazetted on 24 March 2016 now exempts business owners from the need to obtain development approval to display one portable sign in the road reserve adjacent to the business premises.

Business owners shall obtain a permit for A Frame Signage by applying for a license.  The form is located at the bottom of this page.

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