Local law permits – proposals involving Shire land

1.            When is a local law permit required?

It is a requirement to obtain a permit before undertaking a range of activities on Shire owned or managed land under the following local laws:

  • Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2010
  • Local Government Property Local Law 2013

2.            What requires a permit?

A range of activities require a permit under the local laws. It is difficult to define a common theme to the activities that trigger the permit requirement. 

A common factor is where there is a use or action on Shire land that to some extent prevents the public’s normal access or enjoyment of that land. This includes affixing, constructing or erecting any structure (ie: signs, sculptures, seating etc…).

3.          How do I apply for a local law permit?

Submit permit applications on the prescribed form (see below) with the prescribed fee (non-refundable) as per the Shire’s Schedule of Fees and Charges. Due to the broad range of permit items, sometimes determining the correct fee, requires consultation with a Shire officer. The application must clearly describe the proposal including diagrams and plans as appropriate.

Applications can be submitted over the counter at either the Margaret River or Augusta Shire office or electronically to [email protected] with payment over the phone by contacting 9780 5255.

NOTE: If the application includes a proposal that requires planning approval under the Local Planning Scheme, an application for planning approval will be required before we will accept and process a permit application.

4.            How is the permit application assessed?

The permit application is assessed by the responsible business unit in accordance with any relevant policies and/or procedures. On determining whether to refuse or grant the permit application (subject to conditions) the applicant shall receive notification of this from the Shire.

5.          What are the insurance requirements/conditions?

Permit holders will be required to indemnify the Shire and obtain public liability insurance of at least $10,000,000 in respect of any liability arising from the permit holder’s use/activity.

6.          Permit application forms

Note: if there is not an application form below specific to your proposal then use the general permit application form:

General permit application form

Portable sign application form

Trading in Public Places Application Form

Renewal or Variation of Trading Permit Application Form

Busking or Performing Application Form

Management of Vegetation in Shire Reserves

Infrastructure for Water Abstraction on a Local Government Property (existing infrastructure only)

For information regarding event permit applications Click Here

For information regarding mobile food business permits Click Here

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