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2020/21 Resource Recovery Guide 

Holiday Home Resources

Available to download below or collect in person from the Shire offices 

Poster        DL Flyer

Poster                                                DL Flyer

Residential Resources 

Please contact our waste services team if you would like to find out about education resources for your home. 

Cloth Nappies Subsidy 

The Shire has introduced a program to help parents choose real cloth over disposable nappies. The Shire will subsidise the cost of up to $100* towards the cost of real cloth nappies for families who would like to give real nappies a go! 

Disposable nappies are not only a more expensive option over time, but they have a significant environmental impact as they do not easily breakdown in landfills.  

Claim your subsidy in 3 easy steps:
1. Purchase your cloth nappies and keep receipts
2. Complete our subsidy application form and return with your receipt
3. Enjoy some extra cash in your bank!

Contact our waste services team for more information.

*Only one subsidy per household, receipt must be for purchase less than 6 months from the date of application.


Q: How much does the 3 bin service cost?
A: The annual kerbside collection fee is $318, This includes 1 x 240L weekly FOGO service, 1 x 240L fortnightly recycling service and 1 x 140L fortnightly landfill service. Over all the portion of your rates that goes toward waste management has decreased by $9 in the 2019/20 financial year. We believe this is a great result for both the environment and our community.

Q: How did my bins change?
A: Your old dark green lidded general waste bin was transformed into your Food Organics / Garden Organics or ‘FOGO’ bin. A new and smaller 140L red lidded bin was delivered to your property for waste which goes to landfill and your yellow lidded recycling bin remains the same.

Q: I don’t need 3 bins – how can I opt out?
A: The 3 bin service is mandatory and if you are on a kerbside collection route you are not able to opt-out. The Shire decided to implement a mandatory service so that we were able to get a competitive price for the service and avoid a hefty increase in kerbside collection fees for our ratepayers.
We understand and appreciate that many of our residents are already doing great things at home to reduce their waste footprint and we hope to bring in further incentive programs in the future once we have this system working well.

Q: I have multiple waste bins now – how does this work for me?
A: Every property with a kerbside collection service will receive the mandatory 3 bin service which includes a 240L FOGO bin collected weekly, a 240L Recycling bin and a 140L Landfill bin collected on alternate fortnights.

Additional services can be obtained for an additional cost. Please contact the Shire's Customer Service team to arrange this.

Q: How do I collect FOGO inside the home?
A: Residents can store food waste in any container at home. We suggest using an old bucket or jar with a lid on it or you can purchase a kitchen caddy at the local hardware store. Empty the caddy into the lime greenlidded bin daily or at least three times a week. Bin liners should not be used as many are not degradable and are unable to be composted. onto reduce the need to wash out your bucket / caddy after you empty it, try lining it with newspaper, which will help to soak up moisture and keep it clean.
If you feel like you can’t use the service without lining the container, please ensure the bags you buy are 100% compostable as any other type of bag will contaminate the compost.

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