‘Three Well Known Australians’ Exhibition at Margaret River Library

‘Three Well Known Australians’ Exhibition at Margaret River Library

The Margaret River Library is currently showing a touring exhibition by Sydney artist, Martin Shaw. The established artist painted ‘Three Well Known Australians’ in 1982 and created a guessing game that has engaged generations ever since. 

The painting has been touring the country since 1983, has been to 242 venues and is now on display at the Margaret River Library. Community members are invited to visit the library to see the painting and to add their opinion on who each character in the painting represents. These lists of opinions become yearbooks that travel with the exhibition. 

A number of Australians have sent the artist letters over the years, with their suggestions of who might be represented in the painting. Visitors to the Margaret River Library have the chance to read some of these letters, including those from Mark McGowan and Cathy Freeman. 

The suggestions in previous books are a reflection on who is in the news, politics and in the Australian eye at different times over the years and have become fascinating social commentary. 

‘Three Well Known Australians’ will be on display at the Margaret River Library until Friday 21 April.

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