Dog Exercise Area Review Proposed Changes

Shire of Augusta Margaret River Council will consider a number of proposed changes to Dog Exercise Areas (DEAs) at the 26 October 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting.

The proposed changes are the result of a recent major review into DEAs, with 479 community members completing the ‘Let’s Talk About Dogs’ survey open for comment in June/July this year, with dog owners making up 87% of survey respondents.

If accepted, proposed changes include the creation of four new DEAs across the Shire at the following locations:

Community feedback included a clear call for more off-lead DEAs near town sites, with 192 comments asking for more Dog Exercise Areas within the Shire. Waste bags, bins and signage will be made available at all these new proposed DEA’s

Margaret River and Cowaramup

A fence is proposed to be installed at the Brookfield Reserve DEA in response to community calls for an additional enclosed off-lead area in Margaret River.

Whilst Nippers Oval within the Gloucester Park Precinct and Cowaramup Oval DEAs will be retained, dog owners are strongly urged to be extra vigilant picking up their dog poo or risk the ovals no longer being allowed for use as off-lead dog exercise areas.

Prevelly and Gnarabup

A recommendation is proposed to retain part of the existing DEA at Prevelly Beach, however the Dog Prohibited Area, north of White Elephant café, will be extended by approximately 140m north to Georgette Way beach access footpath. This amendment is being proposed to provide improved delineation of where people can take dogs onto the beach. Clearer signage will be installed at this location to assist dog owners.

Dogs will still be able to enjoy the 300m off-lead area on Back Beach all year round, however the section south towards Gas Bay that was trialled as a seasonal Dog Prohibited Area is proposed to be off bounds for dogs all year round.


Changes are being recommended at Flinders Bay Beach due to ongoing community complaints. Under the proposal, dogs will be prohibited on either side of Flinders Bay Holiday Park. The DEA in front of Flinders Bay Holiday Park will be retained whilst the holiday park is dog friendly. Access to this DEA will be strictly through the holiday park, which all residents can pass through.
The start of the DEA next to Albany Terrace towards The Colourpatch Café has been amended and will now begin in line with Bussell Street.

Survey facts

Of the 479 community members who participated in the DEA community consultation, 96% of participants live within the Shire and 87% of the survey participants owned a dog.
The review focused on key DEAs and Dog Prohibited Areas of concern highlighted during the initial consultation in 2021. The areas of focus were:
  • Shire wide consultation on the effect of the seasonal trial Dog Prohibited Area in Gnarabup;
  • Assessment of the DEA at Nippers Oval and the provision of a dedicated DEA in the Gloucester Park Precinct;
  • Assessment of the DEA at Cowaramup Oval;
  • Assessment of the need for DEAs in other parts of the Shire.
More answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the Let’s Talk About Dogs Yoursay page.
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Augusta, Cowaramup, Gracetown, Margaret River, Prevelly and Gnarabup, Witchcliffe
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