Local Energy Action Plan

Solar panels on Recreation Centre Margaret River

A Local Energy Action Plan (LEAP) was adopted by Council in November 2010 in seeking to provide a cleaner future to the next generation through encouragement of alternative energy resources and smarter use of energy. The LEAP also seeks to reduce greenhouse emissions throughout the Shire. The endorsed LEAP (2010) set the following carbon reduction targets for the corporate (Shire) and community sectors:

  • Reduce corporate (Shire generated) emissions by 30% below 2006/07 levels by 2020; and
  • Reduce community emissions by 20% below 2006/07 levels by 2020.

Local Energy Action Plan

Review of Progress Report 2016

 Corporate (Shire initiatives)

  • Installation of a 20kW solar PV system;
  • Replacement of lighting with energy efficient LED lighting;
  • Preparation of energy audits;
  • Installation of pool blankets to reduce heat loss;
  • Purchase of carbon offsets;
  • Replacement of diesel generators with heat pumps at caravan parks.

 Community initiatives

  • Participation in Earth Hour;
  • Facilitating annual Living Smart courses;
  • Preparation of a solar passive design policy;
  • Preparation of a renewable energy policy; and
  • Lobbying Western Power to install more efficient street lighting.

A requirement of the adopted LEAP was to undertake a review of the document on a regular basis to determine whether the Shire and community are progressing towards achieving LEAP objectives. A review of the LEAP (2010) document was undertaken in 2013/2014 which included undertaking an audit of energy use, emissions and energy costs for each financial year, starting from 2006/07 (base year) through to the end of 2012/13. The review includes the following scope of work:

  • Consultation;
  • Review of strategic context;
  • Undertake an audit of corporate and community emissions between 2006/07 and 2012/13;
  • Determine trends in energy consumption across corporate and community sectors;
  • Identify the level of progress in achieving goals/objectives set out in the LEAP;
  • Review of corporate and community emission targets based on feasibility of achieving targets;
  • Revise actions undertaken to date and determine new actions to be undertaken; and
  • Consider financial implications required to undertake future actions.

The revised LEAP document has been initiated by Council for advertising purposes and is available for public comment until 26th June 2014. Following review of submissions the document will be adopted and made available through the website.

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