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Our Shire is located within the Southwest Australia Ecoregion (SWAE), which has global significance given its high levels of natural diversity, particularly for plants. The SWAE is one of 34 internationally recognised biodiversity hotspots and is the only one in Australia.

Threats to our natural areas arise from human and environmental factors such as fire, weeds, climate change and clearing for development. It is now estimated that within the Shire there are:

  • 6 Threatened Ecological Communities;
  • 59 Vegetation complexes including a significant number which are threatened;
  • 69 Declared Rare and Priority Flora species; and
  • 28 Declared Threatened Fauna species

Our goal (2020)

  • Increase the size of the natural areas in the Shire which have a high degree of protection
  • Improve the quality of natural areas.
  • Identify and mitigate against risks to protected natural areas.

What is the Shire doing?  

The Shire’s strategic planning for new urban growth areas has placed high importance on the retention of natural bushland and has specifically identified predominantly cleared areas for development purposes.

Through the Subdivision and Conservation policy, the Shire offers a considerable subdivision incentive for landowners to arrange for a conservation covenant to be applied to native bushland on their property, thus protecting it and putting in place a plan for its management.

The Shire is also directly responsible for managing over 270 Reserves, containing over 3,300 ha of remnant vegetation and waterways. Many of these reserves contain very high environmental and social values.

How can I help?

  • Incorporate local native vegetation into landscaping
  • Join a local environmental group such as the Cape to Cape Catchment or the Lower Blackwood LCDC.
  • Start a ‘friends of’ group with your neighbours to help manage a nearby piece of bushland

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