Conserving water through wise use and re-use

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Current situation

Each year we use 113,000 (Augusta) and 126,000 (Margaret River) litres of reticulated drinking water per annum (2014) compared with Perth’s usage of 131,000 pp/pa

When the water required to provide all of the goods and services we consume is included (such as the water required to grow our food) our community consumes 640,000 litres per person /per annum compared with the state average of 720,000 pp/pa

Our goal (2020)

  • Less than 100,000 litres pp/pa of reticulated drinking water
  • Progressive extension of the recycled water network to new urban areas
  • 25% increase in homes with supplementary water tanks plumbed to the home.

Water for our Future

The Shire recognises that the demand upon finite water supplies will increase as our population grows. Currently our potable water is sourced primarily from a subsurface aquifer, complimented with surface water from the Ten Mile Brook Dam.

The environmental effects of continued aquifer draw down are unknown. The most sustainable response to an increase in water demand is to use water more efficiently, and wherever possible,
to reuse it.

What is the Shire doing?  

The Shire is a recognised participant of the Waterwise Council Program administered by Water Corporation and the Department of Water. Together with the Shire of Capel we have saved a combined total of nearly 189 million litres per year by implementing community education programs,
council facility retrofits and water reuse initiatives.

Working with the Water Corporation and land developers, the Shire continue to extend a sub-surface reticulation network which allows reuse of treated waste water to irrigate new areas of public open space. This system saved almost 500,000 kilolitres of scheme water in 2013-14, which would have otherwise been used  for irrigation of Shire managed POS, school sites and the Margaret River golf course. It is intended to extend this facility to allow its use for garden irrigation in new development areas.

How can I help?  

  • Install a rainwater tank - The Water Corporation estimate that rainwater tanks can provide an up to 32 per cent of household water use when plumbed internally for non-drinking water purposes. 

  • Plant a waterwise garden


  • Water Forever SW
  • Margaret River Townsite District Water Management Strategy – 2012

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