Dog ownership

Keeping and welfare of dogs

DogYou are required by law to register your dog.  Dogs over the age of three months are required to be registered with a local government.  If you care for your dog, you should register your dog in case it strays and is hurt, sick and/or lost to assist our Rangers in contacting you.  Residents may keep only two dogs per property in a residential area and four dogs per property in a rural areas, unless permission is granted by the Shire.




  • Dogs over the age of three months are required to be registered with a local government. Registering your dog assists authorities in contacting you in case your pet strays and / or is injured, sick or lost;
  • It is an offence to have an unregistered dog and a modified penalty of $200 can be imposed;
  • All dogs are required to wear a collar with a valid registration tag and an on-the-spot fine of $200 can be imposed;
  • If you have lost the registration tag for your pet, a replacement tag can be purchased from the Shire for $2.00;
  • All new dogs registered or transferred from another local government are required to be micro-chipped.  Dogs already registered will be required to be microchipped by 1 November 2015.
  • When registering your pet, you are required to make a declaration to certify that the property where the dog is kept is capable of confining the dog within those premises;
  • Tethering is not considered an effective means of confinement, and is an offence;
  • Approval shall be required from the Shire to keep more than the required numbers of dogs permitted for a property; Residential / Semi-Residential = 2 dogs, Rural Properties = 4 dogs.  Please contact Ranger Services for further information regarding additional dogs;
  • False declarations can attract a penalty of up to $5000.

Registration Fees

Registration fees can  be paid at the Margaret River or Augusta Shire offices.  Renewals are normally due within 21 days of 1st November.



I year

3 year




Pensioner concession












Pensioner concession










Registration concessions

  • Pensioners who have approved concession cards are entitled to a reduction in fees.
  • Working farm dog owners who have proof of use are entitled to a reduction in fees.
  • Only 50% of the registration fee is payable for registrations made from 31 May in any year.
  • Proof of sterilisation is required to obtain a concession.
  • Authorised Guide dogs and special needs dogs are exempt from fees, but they must still be registered.

Dog exercise areas

The following sites are designated as dog exercise areas.  These exercise areas can be used at all times except where the public place is used for a function, sports training or recreational activity approved by the Shire. When using these areas dogs can be off lead but must at all times be under effective control.

  • Augusta map
    • Civic Park, Hillview Road north to the Civic Centre.
  • Augusta south map
    • Leeuwin Road Park, bounded by Leeuwin Road, Osnaburg and York Streets.
    • Flinders Bay, from the surfer’s lookout Albany Terrace to the point where Albany Terrace turns west.
  • East Augusta map
    • Pericles Street, bounded by Davies and Pericles Streets.
  • Cowaramup map
    • Recreation Ground*, bounded by Bussell Highway, Waverley Road and Cowaramup Primary School. 
  • Gnarabup map​
    • Gnarabup Beach, from Narda Avenue approximately 300m south-west.
    • Gnarabup public open space, Reidle Avenue to Marmaduke Point Drive. 
  • Gracetown map
    • Cowaramup Bay Road, from Cowaramup Brook  to Salter Street.
    • Recreation Hall Reserve, west of the hall.
  • Margaret River map
    • Gloucester Park north of the hockey/cricket change rooms and bounded by the western access roads.
    • McKeown Place, bounded by Georgette Drive and McKeown Place.
    • Bussell Highway north, bounded by private properties, the Margaret River and Bussell Highway.
  • Prevelly map​
    • Rifle Butts Reserve excluding the children’s playground area. 
  • Rosa Brook map
    • Reserve 1956, Rosa Brook Road
  • Witchcliffe map
    • Mammoth Street, west of Mammoth Street bounded by Redgate Road (south), Railway Reserve (west) and May   Street (north).

Animal Management Facility Collection Hours

If your animal has been impounded the following collection hours should be noted: 

9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday.


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