Title Published

Shark Response Policy 592.53KB

Category: Policy - Sustainable Development

Description: The purpose of this policy is to provide direction on Shark Response protocols within the Shire of Augusta Margaret River. Implementation of this policy will assist with provision of a safer environment for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

Occupational Safety and Health 73.66KB

Category: Policy - CEO

Creative Culture Plan 2020-2025 926.49KB

Category: Documents - Corporate and Community Services

Description: A plan for the development of creative and cultural industries in the Shire of Augusta Margaret River.

Cowaramup Village Strategy (2005) 6.8MB

Category: Townsite Strategies

Description: The Cowaramup Village Strategy (the Strategy) was endorsed by the Council in 2005 and the WAPC in 2006 to provide a strategic direction for future growth of the Cowaramup Village. The population potential of the town was reviewed as part of the process and in line with the Shire’s overall consideration of accommodating future population growth. An important objective of the Strategy was to establish, together with the community, a vision for Cowaramup, and identify actions to bring about the vision. The 2005 Strategy includes a Strategy map that was amended in 2010.


Cowaramup Village Strategy map (2010) 2.37MB

Category: Townsite Strategies

Description: Map of the Cowaramup Village Strategy showing key features and recommendations - to be read in conjunction with the strategy document.


Cowaramup Village Strategy Amendment (2010) 13.87MB

Category: Townsite Strategies

Description: This is text describing the amendment made to the Cowaramup Village Strategy relating to the future urban area immediately south of Treeton Road and is reflected in the 2010 Cowaramup Village Strategy Map (2010).


Environment and Nuisance Local Law 2013 139.03KB

Category: Local Laws

Description: Local law covering noise, light and vibration nuisance, disposal of refrigerators, and enforcement.


Health Local Laws 1999 195.94KB

Category: Local Laws

Description: Local law governing health requirements, including sanitation, requirements for domestic housing, waste food and refuse, nuisances, pest control, infectious disease, lodging houses, offensive trades, and offences and penalties.


Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law 2013 331.5KB

Category: Local Laws

Description: Local law governing parking and parking facilities, including parking stalls and stations, general parking and stopping regulations, stopping zones and restricted stopping areas, and penalties.


Repeal Local Law 2009 715.68KB

Category: Local Laws

Description: Repeal of previous local laws


Repeal of Various By-laws 1984 689.8KB

Category: Local Laws

Description: Repeal of various by-laws


LPP09 Events assessment 110.95KB

Category: Policy - Sustainable Development

Description: To provide guidance for the assessment of events on both public and private land. In particular, it sets out provisions to ensure that events are properly managed to provide a safe environment for patrons whilst minimising impacts on adjoining properties and the surrounding land.


State of the Environment Report 2009 4.86MB

Category: Documents - Sustainable Development

Description: The report presents a synopsis for the Shire of Augusta Margaret River environment in 2008. This report has been modelled on the Governments 'State of the Environment Report Western Australia 2007’, and considers a number of indicators relating to the condition of the natural resources or assets, the pressures or threats present and the adequacy of current responses.


LPS1 Legend 625.95KB

Category: Local Planning Scheme

Description: Local Planning Scheme 1 Legend


LPS1 Map 1 615.36KB

Category: Local Planning Scheme

Description: Local Planning Scheme 1 Map 1


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