Provides advice for planning and organising an event or activity within the Shire, including permits and approvals required.

Event permit and approval

Please note: It is an offence to operate an event without a valid licence, permit or approval. Both Local Government and Police are empowered to close events that do not comply with the conditions of permits and approvals issued by the Shire.

Event Permit

If the event is to be held on a park, reserve or foreshore that is vested with the Shire, a permit must be obtained. Public events that are held on private property such as celebrations, concerts or markets at wineries also require approvals from the Shire.

Activities held solely within Shire halls may not require event permits. Public gatherings, functions and activities are permitted when conducted within the venue’s maximum capacity. Find out about our community halls for hire.

Depending on the nature and scale of the activity, other approvals such as a variation to capacity, permit to consume alcohol or Trading in a Public Place permit may be required.

Planning Approval

Planning Approval may be required for events, depending on the location and the duration of the event. 

Large events on private land are generally not supported unless the proposed event complies with the land use zone requirements and a Planning Approval has been issued for the event, or if the Shire determines that the event is exempt from the need for Planning Approval.

Lodging an application

Please complete the form below.

Following a review of your enquiry, you will be contacted by the Shire's Events Officer to discuss your proposal, the application process and timeframes.

The Events Officer will check venue availability for Shire reserves and if the use is permitted under the Town Planning Scheme.

You will be advised if Planning/Development Approval is required. Planning/Development Approval requirements should be discussed with the Shire's Planning Team prior to committing to event planning.

The Shire’s Events Officer will forward an appropriate application package to you. 

A detailed list of required information will be supplied with the application package. 

The Shire's Events Officer will advise you of the application lodgment timeframe.  

General timeframes:

  • Permit for small scale or non-complex events: submit your application at least 6 weeks prior to the event
  • Permit for larger and more complex events: submit your application a minimum of 3 months prior to the event.

Early applications are appreciated.

Application review and assessment

An initial review of your application will determine if all relevant information has been provided. Applicants will be contacted if any missing or additional supporting documentation is required to proceed with assessing your application.  

When reviewing your application, the Shire will consider the likely impacts on residents and the wider community, taking into account:

  • Capacity of the proposed area
  • Community safety
  • Noise or nuisance
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Number of patrons
  • Any additional factors. 

When assessing proposed events the Shire is guided by regulations and policies which include the following:

  • Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911
  • Health (Public Building) Regulations 1992
  • Building Code of Australia
  • Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991
  • Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997
  • Food Act 2008
  • Australia New Zealand Food Standards
  • Road Traffic Act 1974
  • Shire Policies PE 44 Events Assessment Policy & PE 13 Surfing Policy
  • Local Laws (Local Government Property Local Law 2013 and Activities in Thoroughfares & Trading in Public Places 2020)
  • Guidelines for Concerts Events and Mass Gatherings (Department of Health 2009).

Feedback on your application will be sought from relevant internal stakeholders as required eg. Rangers, Infrastructure Services, Parks and Gardens, Works, Environment and Recreation Centre. These officers will advise compliance with relevant legislation. In addition, they may request permit conditions or advise any additional requirements the event organiser will need to address.

Permit/approval conditions

Event permits and approvals issued by the Shire will include conditions relating to public health and safety, environmental protection and the fees payable to the Shire. The event organiser is required to read the conditions and sign acknowledgment of these conditions in order for the event to proceed.

Large scale events will require a pre event inspection, to ensure public safety and compliance conditions are being met. The event organiser will be contacted to arrange a suitable time for this inspection prior to the officer attending.

In most cases an authorised Shire Officer will visit your event whilst the event is in operation.  

Fees payable

Once your application has been finalised you will receive an invoice for any permits and approvals, along with any other additional charges for conducting your event (power, cleaning, line marking, etc). If your event is on Shire property a bond may also be payable prior to the event if requested.

In some cases, the Shire may waive a percentage of fees associated with events. Restrictions apply and fees are required to be paid up front. If a waiver is approved 50% of the fee will be refunded. For information refer to Waiver of Fees and Charges.

Frequently requested information

Event organisers should provide first aid facilities irrespective of the size of the event or expected patronage. Every event should have at least one qualified first aid officer who is dedicated to this role and is present for the duration of the event. This person can be a certified volunteer. Appropriate signage should indicate the location of available first aid.

Larger or high risk events may be required to supply a medical plan. These events may need to provide onsite Doctors in addition to first aid posts / onsite ambulance.

In order to adequately allocate resources for unexpected medical emergencies which may occur as a result of public events, the Department of Health requires notification of all events being held within the Shire of Augusta Margaret River. The Shire will forward details of your event and onsite First Aid provisions to Margaret River and Augusta Hospitals.

Should your event be considered high risk in terms of activity or attendance numbers, you will need to register your event with the Department of Health.

Local Police should in most cases be notified regarding the details of your event, in particular where roads are to be used, alcohol sold or a large number of attendees/participants are anticipated.

Event organisers are encouraged to contact emergency services located within the Shire regarding the details of their event.

Ambulance, Emergency Fire and Rescue, Local Bushfire Brigades and SES benefit from knowing the location and potential impacts of all events. This may include having appropriate vehicles and volunteers on standby should the need arise.

It is important that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as other community members to access and participate in public meetings, functions and events.

The Shire asks all event organisers to complete the Inclusive Events Checklist. Refer to the creating accessible and inclusive events page to find out more.

Events on Shire property must be insured for:
  • Public Liability: At least $20,000,000 in respect of any one occurrence and for an unlimited number of claims
  • Workers Compensation or Personal Accident Insurance Cover: Where required by law for all employees, subcontractors or volunteers engaged by the Event Organiser
  • Property Insurance: For goods/property/plant/equipment owned by the Event Organiser that require insurance for damage or theft.
  • Public Liability Insurance: The Shire’s Casual Hirers Insurance Policy covers private individuals and groups for activities such as wedding ceremonies, parties and private meetings. The policy does not cover (regardless of type of use of facilities) Incorporated Bodies, Sporting Clubs, Associations and meetings for organisations such as Weight Watchers, Ratepayer Associations, etc. These types of organisations must purchase Public Liability Insurance. The Shire’s insurer offers reduced rates for community events held on Shire land. Please visit Local Community Insurance for more information.

A Risk Management Plan is an invaluable tool for organisers planning a safe event. Most event applications are required by the Shire to include a Risk Management Plan.

The Shire provides guidelines to help event organisers to construct a Risk Management Plan that conforms to Australian Standards.

Applicants who wish to hold events on roads must address traffic management and safety issues, as required by Main Roads WA  (Events on Road Code of Practice) and the Road Traffic Act.

In most cases a Traffic Management Plan prepared by an accredited person will be required. Plans must then be reviewed by local government (the Shire), Police and reviewd and approved by Main Roads WA where appropriate.

Please contact the Shire to discuss the traffic management requirements of your event.

See also:

Any temporary structure installed onsite (including marquees, stages and movie screens) which is greater than 20m² in area will require details be submitted on a temporary structure notification form.

Structures larger than 55m² will be required to:

  • Complete the notification form
  • Submit structural drawings
  • Submit a certificate of structural certification provided by a practising structural engineer who has conducted an onsite inspection of the structure.

All temporary structures regardless of size are to be noted on the event site plan.

All food vendors/caterers proposing to trade/serve food at events must be registered as a food business with Their local government authority.

Community or charity groups are required to notify the Shire and will receive a Verification of Notification' certificate.

Certificates should be provided to event organisers and be available for inspection onsite at the event.

Event organisers are required to advise the Shire who will be selling or serving food at their event via the Food Vendor Details Form.

All food vendors must comply with the Food Act 2008 and Australia New Zealand Food Standards. A Shire Environmental Health Officer may inspect vendors/caterers onsite at the event.

For more information visit the Food Businesses section.

If alcohol is to be consumed at an event on Shire property, a permit may need to be obtained from the Shire. Please contact the Shire’s Events Officer to request an 'Application for a Permit to Consume Alcohol on Shire Property.' This form will be included in your “Event Application Package” if required.

If alcohol is to be sold at an event, further approval must be obtained from the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor. Most applications are now required to be lodged online well in advance of the event date. The event must have an Approved Manger onsite at all times.

Licence exemptions may apply for some small scale events of a short duration. Contact the Shire's Events Officer for more information.

Shire property is to be kept left litter free at all times. It should not be assumed bins provided by the Shire on reserves may be solely utilised to cater for litter generated by an event. 

Event organisers are responsible for providing additional bins and waste collection for events on Shire reserves, and must ensure adequate arrangements are in place for collection and removal of all litter generated as a result of their event. 

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