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Find the location of local cemeteries and learn how to arrange a memorial or burial. 

Cemetery and niche wall locations and maps

The Shire is responsible for the following cemeteries and niche walls.

Margaret River Cemetery and Niche Wall

Location: 557 Wallcliffe Road, Margaret River

Karridale Cemetery and Niche Wall

Location: Lot 4648 Caves Rd, Hamelin Bay

Cowaramup Niche Wall

Location: Lions Park, access off O'Brien Street, Cowaramup

Arranging a burial

Burial times for the Margaret River and Karridale Cemeteries are Monday to Friday between 9:00am to 2:30pm.

Burials are normally carried out by a Funeral Director. The Funeral Director will arrange every aspect of the burial service. This includes liaising with the Shire regarding burial location, date, and time.

The forms are for Funeral Directors only. 

Applications must be submitted to the Shire at least three working days prior to the date and time of the burial.

Interning ashes

Interning ashes into niche wall

All niche walls offer the option of single and double niche wall compartments. 

Niche wall compartments are lifetime. 

To find out about compartments available, please contact us.

Niche wall plaques are designed by the Shire and manufactured by Arrow Bronze.

Interning ashes into gravesite

A family can inter the ashes of a loved one into a family gravesite, following approval from the Shire. Please complete the form below.

A current Grant of Right of Burial must be provided prior to the interment of ashes (please see below). The Grantee of the gravesite must also be current. 

The gravesite will be prepared by the Shire's burial contractor.

Grant of Right of Burial

Grant of Right of Burial - gravesite

A Grant of Right of Burial is a tenure agreement of a gravesite. 

This document gives the grant holder (referred to as the Grantee), the right to conduct burials, inter ashes and erect a memorial on the gravesite. The Grantee can also deny any activity within the gravesite.

 A Grant of Right of Burial is issued for 25 years, with the right of renewal for a further 25 years. 

It is important that the Grantee makes provisions in a legal document (e.g. their Will) to allow transfer of the Grant to another person if required.

A Grant must be current if additional burials, ashes interments and/or memorial works are to take place on the gravesite. 

Grant of Right of Burial – niche wall

Funeral Director's licence and permit

Funeral Directors must obtain a licence from the Shire.


Memorials must comply with the Shire's Cemeteries Local Law.

All memorial works must be approved by the Shire, prior to placement in a cemetery. The application is preferably submitted by a Monumental Mason.

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