The Shire is committed to providing services to a diverse community, including people with disabilities, their families, and their carers. We strive to continually improve access and inclusion for all community members. 

Statement of Purchasing Ethics

The Statement of Purchasing Ethics provides guidance for all sectors of the community when conducting business with the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River. It outlines the Shire’s standards and our expectation that suppliers will comply with these standards in all their dealings with the Shire. It also outlines what suppliers can expect of the Shire.

Work Health and Safety

The Shire values the safety and health of its workers, contractors, volunteers and the public. It is dedicated to minimising workplace accidents, incidents and illness in accordance with the relevant Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation.

All Shire contractors must complete an WHS induction and provide WHS compliance documentation. The level of documentation required will depend on the determined WHS risk rating, and will be outlined in the Request for Quotation/Tender document.  

Access and Inclusion Plans

The Disability Services Act (1993) requires Access and Inclusion Plans to be implemented by agents and contractors as well as local government personnel. 

Where agents and contractors provide services to the public on behalf of the contracting local government, these services are to be conducted in a manner that is consistent with the Access and Inclusion Plan of the contracting local government.

For more information, including a guide for contractors, visit the Disability Services website.

The Shire requires contractors to submit the following report each year.

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