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The Shire is committed to being environmentally sustainable at events.

There is an expectation by the community that events minimise their environmental impacts. All areas of event management provide opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint.

This page is designed to assist organisers of public events to produce a low impact event.

Waste reduction and management

  • Find ways of reducing the amount of packaging used and select/promote use of recyclable and compostable materials.

  • Encourage food vendors to look at the way they serve food and ensure WA's plan for plastics regulations are complied with
  • Encourage compostable packaging in all areas and provide organics bins
  • Provide a wash up station. Instruct all food vendors to participate in using the crockery provided.

  • Ensure you have adequate bins for the size of your event 
  • Consider the type and amount of waste your event may generate (and ways to reduce this)
  • Consider bin placement within the event area, i.e. locate more in high traffic and food service areas
  • Place organic and recycling bins with general waste bins to ensure the correct bins are used and contamination is avoided
  • Provide a “cash for cans” bin and donate funds to groups helping at your event.

  • Use standard easy to read signage for your events bins
  • Use bin toppers to identify bin types and reduce litter
  • “Bin fairies” are a great tool to prevent contamination. Place event personnel/volunteers at bin stations to assist attendees in choosing the correct bin to dispose of their waste.

  • Have you considered becoming a zero waste event? Smart choices and promotion will reduce the amount of waste generated, this provides many positive benefits for event organisers, saving money, providing funding opportunities and community good will. 

Water use and management

  • Provide free drinking water outlets for water bottle refilling by attendees. The Shire and Water Corporation have water bottle refill stations available for use by events (ensure your water supply is potable prior to the event).
  • The Shire has installed water fountain/drinking water refill stations in many public open spaces. Check what is in place when planning your event.
  • Consider banning plastic water bottles, promote BYO drink bottle, “bring a bottle” and free drinking water as an alternative.

  • Be mindful of protecting waterways from run off and litter.

Reduce environmental impact

  • Encourage patrons to be mindful of their natural surroundings and leave no trace
  • Ensure the event team undertakes a site sweep to clear litter and repair any damage before leaving and handing back the course or event area.

  • Provide signage and bunting (reusable) as necessary to alert participants to environmentally sensitive areas
  • Ensure all onsite staff are aware of areas requiring attention and are providing direction to participants/attendees.

  • Ensure existing vegetation and green spaces are protected from damage by vehicles, infrastructure and foot traffic
  • Consider ways to restore the event area/s condition post event, this will also encourage local community support for the event.

  • Ask exhibitors and traders not to distribute or sell balloons at your event (both helium and regular).

Communicate, educate and promote

  • Educate attendees in advance with pre event promotions
  • Have sustainability agreements with all vendors attending
  • Incorporate displays and activities that promote your event initiatives
  • Promote your initiatives via announcements during the event
  • Ensure all onsite staff, volunteers and vendors are educated to promote your message and are aware of waste management procedures for site clean-up.

  • Promote sustainability initiatives in all pre event advertising. Editorial articles in the local paper are another great way of conveying your message
  • Post event, assess your performance and promote your successes to boost your sustainability profile for future events
  • Additional funding streams are available for waste wise events, use these to further promote your event in the future.

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