Under the Food Act 2008, every food business, community group or charitable organisation that provides food to the public, is required to notify or register with the local government in which they operate. You may also need Planning Approval.

The sale of food covers everything from wine, whole fruits and vegetables, pre-packaged confectionary through to sausage sizzles, large restaurants and seafood processing.

Planning approval

If you would like to open a food business within the shire, you will first need to check if you need planning approval. Please phone (08) 9780 5255 and ask to speak with a Planning Officer.

Register a food business

To register a food business, please complete the food business registration/ notification form. This form is to be completed by all food businesses including charitable and community organisations. Lodgement information can be found on the bottom of the form.

Once the registration has been processed, you will receive a Certificate of Food Business Registration or a Verification of Notification Certificate, depending on the type of business.

This certificate remains current for the term of the registration and is not issued annually.


An application to register a food business is to be accompanied by a one-off fee, payable upon lodgement. Please see Fees and Charges

An initial invoice is then issued with the certificate of registration. The amount payable is determined by the risk rating of the food business.

Annual invoices are issued to food businesses at the start of the financial year. Once again, the amount payable is determined by the risk rating of the food business. 

Genuine charitable and community groups are exempt from paying these fees.

Changes to a food business

Owners of food businesses are required to inform the Shire of any changes to the food business including change of owner, change of name or address or closure of the business.

The food business update form can be used to let the Shire know of any changes, except for change of owner, which is a new food business registration.

Food Standards Code

All food businesses are required to comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. Chapter 3 of the code deals with food safety. All food businesses are to be familiar with these requirements.

The complete Food Standards Code is available from the Food Standards website.

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