The Shire is committed to supporting a sustainable and prosperous future for our residents and local businesses. We believe that this future should balance and integrate the need for environmental protection, social wellbeing and economic prosperity. This means protecting the Shire’s pristine environment and cohesive community by ensuring that economic development is well planned and sustainable into the future. 

An intergenerational approach is required to ensure long lasting prosperity is created, not just short-term financial gain at the expense of the environment or community wellbeing. 

Economic development activities should improve community outcomes as a key purpose. 

In governing the Shire’s strategic direction, Council has a vital role to play through its Sustainable Economy Strategy, setting a clear economic vision and adopting the policy settings that will foster a sustainable future.

The Sustainable Economy Strategy:

  • Identifies the key principles to guide economic development into the future
  • Identifies and prioritises key signature projects that will assist in transitioning to a sustainable economy.

The strategy contains a number of actions for implementation over 2021-2025 in line with the vision:

“The local community is supported by livelihoods and enterprises that are sustainable, climate-resilient, diverse, and locally-owned in a circular economy, a regenerative and improving environment, and a just community that upholds the rights of everyone.”

View the Sustainable Economy Strategy and background paper below.

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