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Kids, bikes and shovels

Do you know what your kids are getting up to with their bikes and a shovel? 

Our local bushland reserves are a great place for children to get outdoors, explore, be active, and discover the world around them. However, outdoor ‘play’ can be a problem when it causes environmental damage or poses a risk to public safety. 

Building unsanctioned trails for mountain bike riding is considered environmental vandalism. Penalties can apply to those caught offending. 

Why illegal bike trails are a problem


The native flora and fauna of the Margaret River Region are both diverse and unique. The region relies on the protection of bushland reserves for its ongoing survival. Constructing trails can have a significant impact on native vegetation and threatened species. It can also create other problems such as weeds and erosion. 


Official walking and cycling trails are designed to be safe and well connected for the enjoyment of a wide range of users: walkers, cyclists, dog owners and families with young children or prams. 

Unsanctioned trails often intersect official walking trails. This intersection can pose a risk to the safety of other trail users when mountain bikers cross the official trails at speed. Any jumps and holes that have been built along trails can also be a hazard for other trail users. 

Ready-made trails in the shire

Encourage your kids to take advantage of the official trails that we are lucky enough to have right on our doorstep.

Margaret River is home to a range of world-class mountain bike trails that suit all abilities. To find out more, refer to Paths and Trails.

Dig day events

If trail-building is their thing, contact Margaret River Off-Road Cycling Association  (MRORCA) and ask about participating in dig day events. These events let participants assist with maintaining some of Margaret River’s much-loved mountain bike trails.  

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