When is a Building Permit required? 

The Shire of Augusta Margaret River ensures that all building construction that occurs within Shire boundaries, complies with relevant laws and standards, mostly set out in the Building Act 2011.

A building permit is required for all structures (residential, commercial or industrial) including but not limited to new works, alterations, additions, swimming pools, spas (below and above ground), pool safety barriers / fence for pools & spas, patios, retaining walls and sheds.

The types of building work that do not require a Building Permit, is outlined in Schedule 4, item 2 of the Building Regulations 2012 (see page 105). Please review the regulations to confirm if you need a Building Permit. If you are unsure, please contact the Shire.

Important notes: 

  • If you require Planning Approval, this must be obtained prior to applying for a Building Permit.

  • If you require an Effluent Disposal Approval, this must be obtained prior to applying for a Building Permit.
  • If you intend to undertake the building works yourself  ie. you don’t have a Registered Builder, and the value is over $20,000, you must apply for Owner-Builder Approval first. The Owner-Builder Approval must be submitted with the Building Permit application.

  • It is an offence under the Building Act 2011, to carry out building work without a valid Building Permit. 

Types of Building Permits

Option 1: Certified building permit application

Applications for Class 2-9 (commercial) and 1B buildings must be certified applications. Certified applications may also be lodged for Class 1A and 10 buildings (residential).

For a certified application, you engage a private building surveyor to complete a Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC), before you submit the Building Permit application to the Shire.

Certified applications take 10 business days to be assessed by the Shire (assuming all information specified and/or approvals from the Shire's Planning and/or Health Teams have been obtained if required).

Option 2: Uncertified building permit applications

Uncertified applications can only be submitted for Class 1A and 10 (residential) buildings.

An uncertified application can be submitted directly to the Shire for assessment.

Uncertified applications take 25 business days to be assessed by the Shire.

How to apply for a Building Permit

  1. Refer to the Building Permit Check Sheets below for information required for your application.

  2. Complete building permit application form (certified or uncertified)
    Certified Building Permit Application (BA1 Form)*
    Uncertified Building Permit Application (BA2 Form)

  3. If applicable include registered builders details or owner builder approval from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety  

  4. Email your completed documents to [email protected]

  5. Fees are payable at time of lodgement, you will be emailed instructions upon acceptance. 

*Note: A certified application must be accompanied by a Certificate of Design Compliance (BA3 Form) signed by a registered building surveyor. This confirms the building complies with the building standards and any other standard prescribed by the Building Regulations. 

Assessment process and timeframes

The Shire will assess your Building Permit application within the following timeframes:

  • Certified applications: 10 business days (excluding public holidays)

  • Uncertified applications: 25 business days (excluding public holidays)

If further information is required, you will be emailed and provided with 21 calendar days to provide the requested information.*

*Under the Building Act 2011, the Shire has the right to refuse an application if all required information is not provided within the 21-day timeframe provided. The Shire also has the right to retain the application fee.

Upon completion of the works

Upon completion of the works, you must notify the Shire within seven (7) days of completion by lodging a Notice of Completion Form (BA7)

More information and contact

It is preferred that applications are lodged electronically; however hard copies can be submitted at the front counter. Applicants will be advised of any missing information via email upon receipt. 

For more information, please contact the Shire’s Building Services Team on (08) 9780 5291 or email [email protected]

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