Find out about the Shire’s health and wellbeing support services, as well as the external organisations and resources that may be able to assist you.  

Covid-19 support services

The COVID-19 pandemic may cause community members to experience social isolation, economic uncertainty and emotional distress. 

If you are concerned about yourself or others, we encourage you to reach out for support and make use of the available resources: 

If you require quarantine accommodation, please contact the State Welfare Centre on 13Covid or 13 26 843.

My Community Directory

My Community Directory provides a free online directory for local health services and community groups. 

Mindful Margaret River

Mindful Margaret River is a community group of volunteers who undertake local action to support good metal health and wellbeing in the Shire of Augusta Margaret River. 

Emergency relief assistance

The following organisations provide emergency relief assistance:

  • Margaret River Community Centre – soup kitchen and emergency relief services
  • Just Home Margaret River – committed to ensuring our community has appropriate, accessible, affordable, secure and sustainable housing for people on very low to moderate incomes, who may be vulnerable, disadvantaged and/or in crisis, or who may be experiencing homelessness
  • St Vincent de Paul – offers assistance to people experiencing significant difficulties in meeting living expenses, such as paying bills, obtaining sufficient food, and/or feeling socially isolated
  • Salvation Army – assistance for people experiencing hardship
  • Australian Red Cross – provides support for people in need.

For a full list of emergency relief services, see the Department of Social Service Grant Services Directory.

Financial assistance and support

The following services provide financial support and advice:

  • MoneySmart – a free online service providing a wealth of information, support and advice on managing money, reducing debt, urgent financial assistance, financial counselling and more
  • National debt helpline – for when you don’t know where to start 
  • Mob Strong Debt Helpline  –  financial support and advice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Support after trauma

When a local tragedy occurs, the effect on those touched by it—families, friends, and communities—is traumatic. 

Please see below for resources and support services that may assist.

24/7 helplines and live chat

Helplines can provide you with immediate access to support and advice that is confidential, free and anonymous. Live chat services can provide you with access to counselling or advice straight from your computer in real-time.

The Mental Health Commission website provides an up to date list of helplines and live chat and online forums.

In an emergency, call 000 or visit your local emergency department.

Red Cross resources

The Australian Red Cross provides many resources to help you and others recover from a disaster or crisis, including:

  • Coping with a major personal crisis
  • Looking after yourself and your family after a disaster
  • Helping children and young people cope with crisis
  • Helping parents cope with crisis
  • Promoting recovery after trauma

Visit Australian Red Cross: Emergencies and Disasters.

Phoenix Australia - Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health

Phoenix Australia provides many resources and programs to assist people recovering from trauma, including:

  • Understanding how trauma affects people
  • What you can do to help yourself
  • What you can do to help others
  • What you can do to help children and teens.

Visit Phoenix Australia - Recovery.

Other support services

•    Waratah Support Centre - support for Domestic Violence

•    Angel Hands - support for extreme trauma.

Community Health Network Group

The Shire hosts the AMR Community Health Network Group, a forum for local social services and health professionals to connect and share information. 

The Community Health Network Group meet quarterly to share information and connect. 

Are you a social or health service provider or practitioner operating in the Augusta Margaret River area? Find out how to join the group by emailing [email protected]

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