Find out about shark sightings, how to prevent shark attacks and the Shire’s shark response policy.

Minimising the risk of shark attack


When swimming or in the water:

  • Swim between the flags at patrolled beaches
  • Avoid time in/on the water around dusk and dawn – when most fish are feeding and sharks are likely to be active
  • Avoid areas where there are large schools of fish, or among seals and close to breeding sites
  • Avoid areas where animal, human or fish waste enter the water
  • Avoid swimming in deep water
  • Do not remain in the water with bleeding wounds.

Safe fishing and handling

If you hook a large shark or a fish you don't want to keep, it is better to cut the line, as close as possible to the hook, after you have brought it close to the boat.

Be extremely careful when dealing with wobbegongs, as they can turn full circle and bite if you are holding them by the tail.

Never handle a shark's head or mouth even after it has been landed, as involuntary muscle spasms often result in biting actions and injuries to fishers.

Never feed large sharks with fish bait while boat fishing, as this may train them to nudge other boats looking for a free feed. 

For more information visit the Sharksmart website.

Shark sightings

If you see a shark, leave the water as quickly and calmly as possible. Avoid excessive splashing or noise.

Please report all shark sightings directly to the Water Police on (08) 9442 8600. This number is staffed 24 hours, seven days a week and will activate any required response.

The SharkSmart WA app enables you to keep informed about latest reported sighting and tagged shark detection. You can set up your favourite beach locations to receive notifications for alerts in those areas. 

The ServiceWA app now includes SharkSmart and links to shark advice warnings. You can download the app to your phone (through Google Play or the App Store).

You can also follow the Surf Life Saving WA twitter feed @SLSWA for alert information. 

Remember the map shows available information – not all sharks are tagged, or sightings reported.

Important note: People don’t call the Shire’s rangers direct for updates, as these phone lines need to be available to coordinate shark sighting response activities.

Shark surveillance

Helicopter shark surveillance

New arrangements are now in place, to help improve WA's shark hazard management.  The WA Government has taken the opportunity to join with Surf Life Saving WA to expand the services of its new Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter.

Beach patrols and lifeguards

For information on patrols for your local beaches visit Surf Life Saving WA or download the SharkSmart WA app.

Shark response policy

The Shire’s Shark Response Policy provides direction on Shark Response protocols within the Shire. 

Implementation of this policy assists with provision of a safer environment for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

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