Find out how to hire and use a beach wheelchair to access our natural environment. 

Surf and Turf Beach Wheelchair

About the Surf N Turf Beach Wheelchair

The Shire’s Surf N Turf wheelchair is available for free hire year-round from Turner Holiday Park on the foreshore in Augusta.

The all-terrain wheelchair provides users with access to sand and bush tracks, and it may also be taken into shallow salt or freshwater. It is a manual wheelchair specifically designed to be easier to push and turn on soft ground. The seat base, back rest and leg rests are adjustable, and the arm rests can fold away.  It’s suitable for children and adults with a range of disabilities, up to 150kg. 

Prior to booking, please read the Beach Wheelchair User Manual including important safety information. 

Beach Wheelchair on the beach

Using the wheelchair

The Surf N Turf Beach Wheelchair is significantly easier to push over uneven terrain than a standard manual wheelchair. It has also been designed to enter fresh or saltwater. The manufacturers recommend that the maximum depth of the water should be no more than 15cm as the chair will float and may become unstable.

Wheelchair transfers  

The general principles of safe lifting should always be used when transferring someone to the beach wheelchair. It is important to plan the lift carefully to avoid injury to the carer and the user. If you are not familiar with transferring the user already, it may be useful to seek training in safe transfers before using the beach wheelchair.

Remove armrests before transferring.

Planning the lift or transfer

  • If the user is able to communicate clearly, then ask them about their needs and ability to assist with the lift 
  • Assess the environment, including room to move safely and removing any obstacles 
  • Arrange the area so that you are lifting over the shortest possible distance and there is no twisting 
  • If in doubt, ask a second person to assist 
  • If two people are involved, appoint a leader to call the lift.  

Safely executing the lift

  • Get close to the person and hold them close to you 
  • Take a firm hold, not too tight 
  • Position feet well apart 
  • Bend your knees and keep your back straight 
  • Leader counts ‘1,2,3 lift’ 
  • While lifting, use your legs, not your back 
  • To change direction, move your feet, don’t twist.  

Many people who transfer independently can transfer onto the beach wheelchair with little or no assistance. If they need to transfer in two stages by propping on the large wheel, it may be useful to cover the wheel with a towel.

The beach wheelchair is supplied with a leg support strap only. Do not use straps when entering the water. It is easy to attach additional straps to the seat and leg support bars to meet individual needs. Some users may require cushions and towels (not supplied) for additional comfort.

Taking the wheelchair into water

The beach wheelchair has a stainless steel frame, and the wheels are non-corrosive, making it suitable for entering fresh or saltwater.

Water safety guidelines 

Extreme caution is recommended when using the beach wheelchair in water.

  • Maximum water depth is 15cm - the wheels are buoyant, and the wheelchair will float and become unstable in deeper water
  • Do not strap the user into the wheelchair in water
  • Observe wind and tidal variations
  • A life jacket for the wheelchair used is strongly recommended
  • Never leave the wheelchair user unattended
  • Follow lifeguard instructions where applicable.

Hiring the wheelchair

To book the Surf N Turf Beach Wheelchair free of charge, please contact Turner Holiday Park on (08) 9780 5633 and complete the form below.

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