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“Kaya, Nala Maat Kaya Noonduk (Hello, Our Family Welcomes You) to Wadandi Boodja (Saltwater People’s Country) – we all come together on Boodja (Country). 

Whilst on Wadandi Boodja we ask that you respect the land by walking softly and take the time to listen to Boodja as she Wongi (Talks). We respect the presence of the Demmala Goomala (Ancestors) whose Djanga (Spirits) reside on Boodja and whose djenna (feet) walk the land and whose Djanga Korda (heart spirit) flows through all creation. 

Wooditup (Margaret River) is the heart of Wadandi Boodja (country), a meeting place between land and sea, connecting us all with Wadandi Boodja. 

The Wadandi Boodja (Motherland) reaches from Bunbury, along the coast of Geographe Bay, extending to Yallingup (Place of Holes) to Talinup, Augusta (Place of Reeds) inland to Nannup (The Stopping Place), taking in the region of Undalup (Busselton) The Wadan Boodja (Sea Country) is of great spiritual significance to the coastal Wadandi people. 

It is up to all of us to listen to the land, understand the connection to Country that we all have and realise how urgent it is to work together to make better decisions on how we can create that balance, ensuring sustainability for the generations to come, in order to protect and preserve the beauty of Boodja. 

Whilst living, travelling, visiting and holidaying on Wadandi Boodja (Saltwater People’s Country) we ask that you respect the area and walk softly on the country, taking the time to listen to Boodja (Country) as she Wongi (Talks) of the Season, and leave nothing but footprints.” 

Wadandi Traditional Cultural Custodian Wayne “Wonitji” Webb.

Margaret River, River Mouth.

The Shire of Augusta Margaret River acknowledges we are on Wadandi and Pibelmen Boodja, whose ancestors and their descendants are the traditional owners of this country. 

We acknowledge the Wadandi and Pibelmen have been custodians since the land was soft (creation times) and continue to perform age old ceremonies of celebration, initiation and renewal. We acknowledge their living culture and their unique role in the life of this region. 

The Shire is committed to Aboriginal Australians sharing fairly and equitably in the region’s cultural, social, environmental and economic future.

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