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The Community Development Trainee 12-month Scholarship is awarded each calendar year to an outstanding, locally-based Year 12 graduating student. Candidates should have an interest in community development, with intentions to progress onto tertiary studies, and a willingness to undertake gap year employment with the Shire.


The scholarship provides a training and community development experience to a High School Graduate for one year as a precursor to tertiary studies. 

As part of the Community Planning and Development service, the scholarship supports the implementation of plans within the Council’s Community Planning and Development Team. 

There is a particular focus on youth, disability, access and inclusion, age-friendliness, arts and culture, and other focus areas, following the Council’s strategic plan, customer service charter, and budget provisions.

Previous participants  

Previous participants of the program are: 

  • Naomi Godden (2003) 
  • Roxanne Moore (2004)
  • Simon O’Leary (2005)
  • Keely Robertson (2006)
  • Natasha Dixon (2007)
  • Moana Lutton (2008)
  • Connor McLeod (2009)
  • Amy Burgess (2010)
  • Ella Sleegers (2012)
  • Jake Graebner-Bond (2013)
  • Emma Godridge (2014)
  • Molly Ryan (2015)
  • Georgina Wilkie (2016)
  • Callum Noone (2017)
  • Ladriel Hackett (2018)
  • Kate Mann (2019)
  • Hope Sortras (2020)
  • Shannon Walker (2021)
  • The 2022 trainee is James Ransley.

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