During the year, the Shire imposes restrictions on firepits (including campfires), barbeques, and pizza ovens, depending on the season and the current fire danger rating.

Residents and visitors are responsible for understanding and abiding by all fire restrictions. Penalties for non-compliance will apply. 

During the Prohibited Burning period

Campfires and firepits are not permitted at any time during the Prohibited Burning Period from 23 December to 14 March. These dates are subject to change according to seasonal conditions.

During the Restricted Burning period

During the Restricted Burning periods (9 November to 22 December and 15 March to 12 May), please observe the following requirements:

Fire Danger RatingCampfires/FirepitsWood/Solid Fuel BBQs and 
Pizza Ovens
Total Fire BanNot permittedNot permitted
CatastrophicNot permitted
Not permitted
ExtremeNot permitted
Not permitted
HighNot permitted
Not permitted
ModeratePermitted between 6pm and 11pm*Permitted

*A Permit to Burn is required outside of these times.

Solid fuel refers to the product used to fuel the fire, including wood, coal, synthetic char, wood pellets, etc.

Campfires and firepits are not permitted on public land unless the landowner has provided purpose-built campfire pits and permission to use them.

The above dates are subject to change according to conditions.

Lighting fires during permitted times

When using campfires, firepits, BBQs, pizza ovens or smoke pits during permitted times, you must follow the regulations below:

  • The area surrounding the firepit, BBQ, pizza oven or smoker is not within 5 metres of flammable material
  • Water supply must be available
  • Precautions are taken to avoid nuisance smoke.

Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Bans

Check the Emergency WA website to see the current Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Bans.

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