Find out about the Shire’s commitment to community engagement and participation in decision-making processes.

Our Commitment

The Shire  is committed to providing opportunities for all members of the community to participate and contribute to local decision-making processes. We recognise that our local community is a source of knowledge and expertise, which can be harnessed to help find solutions to local issues as well as complex Shire challenges.

Community engagement is a key part of our commitment to being a transparent and responsive organisation. By bringing the voices of communities and stakeholders into the topics that are important to them, we lead a culture which respects and welcomes community input.

Have Your Say at Council meetings

There are many ways that you can have your say at Council and Committee meetings, including:

  • Deputations
  • Petitions
  • Public question time.

Find out more about how to have your say at Council.

Your Say – the Shire’s Community Engagement Platform

The Shire’s online community engagement platform is Your Say - Augusta Margaret River.

Your Say is designed to support our community to shape the future of the shire, through feedback on issues and specific projects.

Your Say is regularly updated with project information, so be sure to check in regularly and have your say on issues that affect you. 

Visit Your Say to find out about current items open for public comment.

How We Engage

Our Your Say page is designed to share information on Shire projects and to encourage meaningful two-way interaction with the local community. We encourage contributions, feedback, questions and an exchange of ideas. We ask that you exercise courtesy and abide by our Privacy policy.

Moderation of public comments

We reserve the right to hide or remove comments that are:

•    violent, obscene, profane, hateful, derogatory, racist or sexist;

•    promote, foster or perpetuate discrimination on the basis of race creed, colour, age religion, gender, marital status, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation;

•    sexual content or links to sexual content;

•    information that may compromise the safety or security of the public;

•    any discussion or promotion of behaviour that is unlawful;

•    threatening or defamatory comments;

•    solicitations, advertisements, endorsements or spam;

•    encouragement or glamorisation of the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs;

•    comments not topically related to the particular article or issue;

•    any other inappropriate content or comments as determined by the Shire of Augusta Margaret River

We will not edit any community comment submission. If there are any major problems with spelling, grammar or format we may not publish some posts. 

Where posts are not published, we may contact participants to make adjustments and reconsider publishing. 

Your Say Enquiries

You should contact the Community Engagement Officer by phone on (08) 9780 5254 or email [email protected] if you:

•    have an enquiry;

•    would like to give us official feedback;

•    wish to make a complaint about a YourSay project.

Feedback, Compliments and Complaints

We appreciate your feedback to improve the way we do business. 

You can submit feedback via our online feedback form or contact our Customer Service Team on 08 9780 5255.

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