Learn about the Shire of Margaret River-Augusta’s strategic priorities of the Corporate Business Plan and the informing strategies related to the Community Strategic Plan. 

Corporate Business Plan

The Corporate Business Plan 2021-25 identifies the strategic priorities for the next four years.

This document:

  • Sets the Shire’s priorities for addressing the outcomes and objectives of the Community Strategic Plan
  • Shows direct business planning by setting priorities against operational capacity
  • Develops and integrates the Shire’s informing strategies.

The Shire’s focus over the next four years is to become better connected with the whole of our community. This objective includes developing a more townsite-focused, place-based approach across the Shire to provide greater local input into our service delivery planning.

As an organisation, we aim to be “easy to engage with.” We are committed to communicating with you openly and promptly through numerous contemporary and traditional channels. We are receptive and responsive to your ideas, feedback, and energy for local action.

The plan can be downloaded below.

Informing strategies

In addition to the Workforce Plan, the following informing strategies are used to test and inform the long-term aspirations of the Community Strategic Plan and to guide the deliverables of the Corporate Business Plan and Annual Budget.

More information and contact

For more information about the Corporate Business Plan and informing strategies, please contact the Shire on (08) 9780 5255 or email [email protected]

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