Customer Experience Strategy 

The Shire provides a range of services and facilities for our ratepayers, businesses and visitors. Recognising the evolving needs and expectations of our diverse and growing community, we've developed our first Customer Experience (CX) Strategy.

Strategy vision

We make interactions easier for our residents, businesses, and visitors by fostering a customer (community) centred culture across the organisation underpinned by a continuous improvement mindset.

What we've heard

We're listening to the needs and wants of our community.

The community:

  • wants to feel heard by the Shire and the Council.
  • wants to understand the Council's decision-making processes.
  • wants to feel a sense of connection with the Shire and the people who act on behalf of the organisation. 
  • knows the Shire can’t always provide the outcomes they were hoping for but still wants to be informed.
  • likes it when the Shire values their time, enquiries are quickly responded to and they’re kept updated.
  • is passionate, highly engaged and wants to contribute to local council decision-making. 
  • values transparency throughout council decision-making processes.
  • values the guidance and support the Shire can provide when they partner together.

What we aim to do

Our CX Strategy has been developed with a range of actions to address what we heard through our research, with the aim of providing exceptional experiences for our customers when interacting with us. 

We aim to:

  • build a culture that puts community first.
  • enhance processes, information and services.
  • improve technology and systems.
  • use customer feedback to drive improvements.

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