Changes to This Year’s Local Government Election

A number of electoral changes will be introduced at the upcoming local government election this October. It’s important to be aware of these changes when casting your vote.

The State Government is reforming the Local Government Act 1995 and candidates will now be elected by optional preferential voting (OPV). You’ll be able to choose one or more candidates and number them in order of your preference.

Following the Ward Review conducted in 2022, Council advised the Local Government Minister that the preference was to continue with the seven elected members on Council, but under the new legislation there is now a requirement to add another Councillor. In addition, the Shire President will now be directly elected by the community at the election.

Along with OPV, this means that our Council will now consist of one Shire President and seven Councillors, meaning a total of eight elected members overall.

For more information please visit Local Government Act Reform. 

28 Aug 2023 Topic Type
Public Notice
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