Climate Action Plan Progress

In 2022 the Shire slashed emissions, bringing them well below the target set in the Climate Action Plan. Signing up for 100% renewables for our main buildings was key to delivering this reduction in emissions.

Check out the Corporate Emissions graph below and use this handy snapshot tool to see Community Emissions.

Our other projects include:

  • Climate For Change: The Shire has been working with Climate for Change to train up locals to host Climate Conversations. These conversations inspire simple changes in our everyday lives to drive local climate action. We will be calling for more facilitators in April.
  • Partnering with ClimateClever to help our community measure and reduce their emissions.
  • We provide funding support to climate projects Lower Blackwood LCDC Regenerative Agriculture Project – helping farmers to increase soil carbon stores and on farm biodiversity.
  • Nature Conservation Margaret River Biodiversity Plantings – drawing down carbon and enhancing biodiversity through community planting projects.

Projects in the pipeline:
Funding opportunities for electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging infrastructure.
Life Cycle Assessments for new homes to help homeowners to reduce their environmental footprint.
Upgrades to streetlights to reduce emissions.

How can you help us reach Net Zero in 2030?
Sign up for 100% NaturalPower at your home
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