Collect Your Firewood Responsibly This Season

As we experience a cool change in weather and households throughout the Shire begin to gather firewood, residents are reminded to collect wood responsibly and consider the environment. 

If warming up your home means lighting up your fireplace, please refrain from sourcing your wood from Shire Reserves, Crown Land, and National Parks.

The Margaret River Region is a biodiversity hotspot and removing wood from non-approved sources causes environmental damage. Our roadsides and reserves are important ecosystems and by conserving these small areas of existing vegetation we hope to maintain important viable habitat corridors for our native fauna.

There are plenty of approved suppliers and opportunities to legally collect your own firewood. The Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions provides options for legally collecting wood without an approval, providing it is taken from a designated area, is for personal use only, and is already fallen timber.

Load limits apply with a maximum of one tonne may be removed every 60 days between 1 June to 30 September. A maximum of one tonne can only be removed on any one occasion between 1 October to 31 May. As a guide, half a tonne equates to approximately a 6 x 4 trailer loaded 30cm deep.

More information from the DBCA website about collecting firewood for personal use.
View firewood collection area online maps.

The maximum penalty for clearing without an approval is $200,000.
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