Design Experts Join South West Panel

New South West Joint Design Review Panel

An innovative panel of experts in their field, the South West Joint Design Review Panel (SWJDRP), held its first meeting today.

Meeting once a month, the SWJDRP consists of architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, heritage, sustainability and environmental design, town planning, arts and culture professionals who aim to deliver positive outcomes for our shire and other local government areas.

They will provide design advice on development applications, structure plans, design guidelines and any local government projects in the participating shires and cities. 

Each participating local government will determine the types of applications and projects requiring design input. 

Shire President Tracey Muir praised the new shared design initiative.

“The Shire is excited to be a part of this collaboration with other local governments and industry professionals,” Ms Muir said. 

“Our community will be able to access professional design advice on various types of projects and applications.”

Architect and Chair Craig Smith said the panel has a vast range of experience.

“The panel has a great mix of capable senior professionals, including local experts, with a wide range of experience in building, landscape, environment and planning,” Mr Smith said.

“Design reviews not only create better buildings and places but can add to the public benefit and the economic success through projects that are innovative, distinctive and memorable.” 

Deputy Chair and urban design expert Malcolm Mackay said design is important in our shire.

“Good design is every bit as relevant in the regions as it is in the Perth metropolitan area and is particularly relevant in the South West of WA where better design can increase its appeal and thus help to support tourism-related activities and employment and improve the lifestyle for people who call the South West home.” 

This project is a shared initiative between the Shire of Augusta Margaret River and other local governments including Cities of Busselton and Bunbury and Shires of Collie and Harvey.

For further details, please visit South West Joint Design Review Panel.
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