Dispose of Batteries Safely

Possibly due to a battery being placed in a Shire residential recycling bin, a truck load of material caught on fire today.

Thanks to the quick thinking of Cleanaway’s collection truck driver, the material was safely transported to their Margaret River depot.

The ignited material was emptied from the truck in the yard where local volunteer fire and rescue extinguished the fire.

Residents are reminded that batteries and other combustible materials should never be disposed of in any kerbside bin as they can lead to fires and the loss of processing equipment like trucks and recycling facilities.

Instead, batteries can be dropped off for free at collection points like our Shire offices, and other retailers.

When handled specifically through these special drop offs, most batteries can be recycled safely, but can cause significant issues if disposed of incorrectly.

Thanks to Cleanaway who made sure the material was transported safely away from residential areas and to the Margaret River Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service for their quick response.

To learn more about bins, waste and recycling.

30 Mar 2023 Topic Type
General News
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