Flooding at Roy Road and Bussell Highway Intersection

CAUTION: Flooding near Roy Road and Bussell Highway Intersection.

Please take care and drive slowly in the area. Roy Road and the Bussell Highway intersection have been reported as completely flooded, restricting travel to one lane. With poor visibility and treacherous conditions on the highway drivers are urged to travel with extra caution. 

If driving:
  • Do not drive into water of unknown depth and current.
  • Slow down, turn your lights on and keep a safe distance from other drivers.
  • Be alert and watch for hazards on the road such as fallen powerlines and loose debris.
  • If it is raining heavily and you cannot see, pull over and park with your hazard lights on until the rain clears.
More information to follow as the situation is monitored. Stay updated with Emergency WA alerts.
02 Aug 2023 Topic Type
Public Notice
Cowaramup, Gracetown, Margaret River
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