Have Your Say on the Turner Holiday Park Foreshore Renewal

The foreshore walls along the Blackwood River in the section fronting Turner Holiday Park are in poor condition and require reconstruction.

Large voids have formed behind the retaining walls, presenting a safety risk to the public if these were to collapse. 

The Shire is investigating two possible reconstruction options for the foreshore walls and would like community feedback on both options.

Option 1
Demolish the existing wall and construct a new wall in the same position at the same height (approx. 1m-1.2m high). The wall will be constructed using limestone blocks which have previously been used along the foreshore. This will result in very little change to the current environment, although the addition of a handrail may be required to meet Australian standards. 

Option 2
Demolish the existing wall and construct a smaller 2 block wall (approx. 0.7m high) set back 6m from the shoreline. The wall has been designed to tolerate the tidal and wave actions of the river, which will increase the longevity of the wall. The area in front of the wall is to be landscaped and revegetated with local native species.

For more information and to vote for your preferred option, please visit www.yoursay.amrshire.wa.gov.au/foreshore-renewal

Survey closes at 5pm, Monday 6 May. 
08 Apr 2024 Topic Type
Have Your Say
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