Our Website Recognised in National Digital Accessibility Award

Australian Access Awards Finalist

In just a year since our new website went live, we're excited to share that it's been recognised as a finalist at the 2023 Australian Access Awards alongside esteemed websites like ABC iView, City of Melbourne, and VIC Govt!

The awards, run by the Centre for Accessibility Australia, recognise organisations and individuals showing extraordinary commitment and delivering exceptional outcomes for Australians with disability.

Matt Wittorff from Enable WA, a member of our Inclusive Communities Advisory Network (ICAN), nominated our website and was thrilled with the news. His appreciation highlights our efforts in creating an accessible and inclusive online space, emphasising not only the website's functionality but also our extensive community engagement and ongoing collaboration with ICAN.

The Shire's Customer Experience Coordinator, Cristina Smith, highlighted the value of teamwork and collaboration with community members and staff at every stage of website design and development. In our commitment to inclusive design, we've considered diverse needs, including not just physical, neurological, and cognitive disabilities but also factors like ensuring quick page loading for residents with slower internet access.

The input of nearly 300 community members and staff was crucial in shaping our website through surveys, online testing, and usability sessions. This journey toward making digital content more accessible involved setting clear accessibility goals from the start and ensuring their achievement. We conducted an independent accessibility audit during development to resolve major issues before the site's launch, underscoring our dedication to accessibility.

Thanks also needs to go to our dedicated contractors—Michelle Kember from Q2Online for her expertise in content, UX, accessibility, and website governance, and to the ALYKA team for their exceptional design and development skills in bringing our website to life.

Looking ahead, community members will be asked to take part in website testing activities over the next few weeks. Your involvement is vital as we continue to enhance our website's effectiveness in serving you. Together, we're hoping to create a more accessible and user-friendly digital space!

Pictured Left to Right:
Shire Community Development Officer, Rebecca Young, Shire Customer Experience Coordinator, Cristina Smith and Accessibility Consultant Michelle Kember at the 2023 Australian Access Awards.


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