Use Caution for Planned Burns

Restricted Burning Period will end on Saturday 1 June 2024

The Restricted Burning Period for the Shire of Augusta Margaret River will end on Saturday 1 June 2024 and property owners are being asked to use caution if undertaking a planned burn.

Planned burning decreases the risk of bushfires by reducing fuels loads, such as leaf litter, fallen branches or dead grasses and shrubs, but to ensure a fire remains under control burns must be done in mild and stable weather conditions.

Acknowledging the role of planned burns in bushfire mitigation, the Shire’s Chief Bush Fire Control Officer, David Holland urged the community to exercise care before lighting any fires in the open air.

“Planned burns are a valuable tool to assist landowners in reducing the amount of flammable material on their property which can limit how quickly a bushfire might spread,” said David.

“But any planned burning needs to be conducted under the right conditions, because at the end of the day you’re playing with fire. Burning when it is windy or when things have dried out can be dangerous and can lead to an out-of-control fire.” 

David offered several suggestions for people planning fuel reduction burns.
“You’re responsible for any burns on your property so you need to manage any risks,” he said. 

“Plan to do your burn no more than 10 days since it last rained and in mild weather conditions, which means if strong winds are forecast you shouldn’t be lighting a fire.”

“You also need to make sure all your equipment is in working order, and that you have a hose on stand- by, and in the days after the fire, check the burn area to make sure the fire has not reignited.”

Remember, if you lose control of your planned burn, the quicker you ring 000, the quicker you will receive assistance. 

“The DFES website has all the resources you need, including checklists which will help you plan a smart burn and keep everyone safe.”

For more information about planned burns please visit the DFES website.  
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