Rainwater Tank Maintenance and Contamination

Do you own a rainwater tank?

Water tanks are a vital drinking water resource on rural properties throughout the Shire.

Rainwater is usually safe to drink if maintenance of the whole system is done regularly.

If you’re concerned about contamination, our Environmental Health team can test the quality of your rainwater.

Follow these simple tips to help ensure your rainwater is safe to drink:
  • Keep roof gutters and downpipes clear of leaves.
  • Remove overhanging branches of trees.
  • Use a cover to prevent light from reaching the water.
  • Cover the inlet and overflow with mesh to prevent creatures getting in.
To get your water tested at your private residence, fill out the Water Sampling Request form

For more information on rainwater tanks including maintenance and contamination please go to Water tanks on your property (Department of Health).


27 Jun 2023 Topic Type
General News
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