Ranger Patrols Double Over Peak Summer Period

Two new Compliance Support Officers have joined our Ranger Services Team and will help double patrols over the peak summer period. 

As the weather warms up and the camping and coastal activities increase, Shire Rangers will be out and about to ensure everyone is doing the right thing. Our new Compliance Officers will accompany rangers during patrols to provide safety, administrative support, conduct firebreak inspections and monitor illegal camping.

If you’re planning a camping trip these holidays, please remember to book a spot in advance. We have many great caravan parks and camping grounds in the region, but they fill up quickly! Rangers will be doubling their patrols early morning and late at night and illegal campers will be fined.

Spare a wave or stop for a chat if you see a ranger out on patrol over the festive season - they are working hard to ensure the safety of our community. 
14 Dec 2022 Topic Type
General News
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