Rec Centre Refurb Update

The Margaret River Recreation Centre refurbishment is progressing swiftly as the roof, ceilings, internal windows, pool floor and pool deck are in the final throes of completion.

The external cladding is slated to start in the coming weeks, and the internal fixtures and fittings are on the way.

Much of the recent work has been vital structural upgrades which will have a significant positive impact on the ongoing operational and maintenance costs of the centre. The new flatter, lower roof and suspended ceiling will be cheaper to maintain due to the smaller volume of air to condition and improved moisture control. The new design will also improve the acoustics around the pool area.

Although we would like to pin down an exact opening date for everyone to look forward to, the final date will depend on trade availability in the coming weeks and final signoffs provided by other government regulatory authorities. 

We really appreciate everyone’s patience. We’re all missing the pool and other spaces, but we are heading into the final stages and the wait will be worth it!

We’ll have great equipment, new interiors, as well as significantly improved accessibility so everyone in the community can enjoy the facilities.

21 Sep 2023 Topic Type
General News
Margaret River
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