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Rec Centre Update

The refurbished Margaret River Rec Centre is on track to reopen this month with dry side operations commencing first.

The Rec Centre and pool was closed in late 2022 for a renovation to address the structural deterioration of the 25-year-old roof and refurbish facilities to improve overall accessibility.

Following the building being signed off from the builders, the fit out of the gym, creche and offices are proceeding as planned. However a leak in the pool’s balance tank will delay the opening of the pool. 

The balance tank is separate to the pool and acts like an overflow tank to store water displaced by swimmers. The tank also assists in the circulation of water with displaced water filtered and recycled back into the pool to maintain levels.

The leak was not visible and therefore not detected until we started refilling the pool in preparation for the reopening.  An engineer has confirmed the supporting structure of the tank is all ok, which is good news and means the solution is relatively simple. 

The fastest and most cost-effective solution is to re-line the balance tank. Once we can source the materials and secure the trades, we’ll be able to confirm how long the repairs will take.

The balance tank was in working order before the renovation began and previous assessments did not show any issues, which is why repairs to the balance tank were not included in the scope of the refurb project.

We appreciate this unforeseen setback is disappointing for everyone - including us, but can assure you Shire staff are doing everything possible to minimise any delays.  The remainder of the building will reopen as scheduled on 25 March, and we will keep the community updated as more information is available.

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