Save Our Snake-Necked Turtle

The Shire is hosting a workshop on Friday 29 September 2023 from 4pm - 5pm in Council Chambers, with refreshments afterwards.

Dr Anthony Santoro from the ‘Saving Our Snake-Necked Turtle’ (SOSNT) project team will be presenting with a focus on the southwestern snake-necked turtle. 

You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about turtles, their threats (foxes, ravens, vehicles and loss of habitat) and conservation strategies that are already under way.

Participants are encouraged to become ‘citizen scientists’ using the TurtleSAT app (download the app on your phone or iPad).

More information on southwestern snake-necked turtle research can be found here Saving Our Snake-Necked Turtle.

Thanks to Nature Conservation Margaret River for supporting this event.

To RSVP, please email [email protected]
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