Seeking Data to Save Local Turtle

Turtles in Our Shire

Snake-necked turtles live in our shire (one was recently spotted on a local school crossing) but there’s currently not much data available from our region!

We’re encouraging you to become a citizen scientist and if you see one, record the location.   

This information can help save this local turtle but also provide useful insights on pests (foxes and cats), weeds (that can clog waterways), waterway health and hotspots in development areas.   
In September, Dr Anthony Santoro presented information on his project 'Saving Our Snake-Necked Turtle’ (SOSNT) at a Shire-hosted workshop.   
Community members learnt about this unique reptile, including its interesting nesting behaviour and sadly, its inability to retract its neck, making it more vulnerable to predators.   
So, if you see a snake-necked turtle, please download the TurtleSATapp and record it!   
More information on the research can be found here Saving Our Snake-Necked Turtle.  
If you’d like to get involved in environment projects, please contact the Shire’s Environmental Landcare team at [email protected]
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